We Care Commitment

Thursday, July 28, 2016


We are in the money in Event1, remaining players have locked up a min cash of $570, with $30,787 up top. 


We are at level 20 in Event1 with currently 65 players remaining in the field,

Among the players still in are,

Bernice Tato

Minh Nguyen

Oddie Dardon 


Event2 NLHE Survivor ends with 103 entries, top 10 players gets $3,000 each and 11th place gets $900. 

Currently 39 players remain in the field. 

Event 2 Survivor

Event 2 Survivor is underway with registration open for another 2 hours, so far 54 players have entered the event.

Come down and get into the action get in top 10% and get $3,000 cash.

Event 1

WPT Legends of Poker Event1 $100,000 Guaranteed ends with a total of 392 entries, creating a total prize pool of $114,072, top 45 players in the money with min cash of $570 with $30,787 for 1st place.

Currently at level 13 229 players remain in the field, we're playing 24 level today before we bag and tag.

WPT Legends Of Poker

WPT Legends Of Poker kicks off today at Bicycle Casino with a $100,000 Guaranteed tournament.

Event1 $100,000 Guaranteed 

- Start 12:00pm
- Registration close 3:00pm
- Buy-In $350
- 50,000 starting chips
- 25 minute levels first 6 levels then 30 minute levels
- Day1 is scheduled to play 24 levels
- Day2 restart Friday at 1:00pm

Click here for complete structure

Event2 No Limit Hold'Em Survivor 

- Start 5:30pm
- Registration close 8:30pm
- Buy-In $365
- 12,000 starting chips
- 25 minute levels first 6 levels then 30 minute levels
- Top 10% of the field is in the money for $3,000 each

click here for complete structure