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Friday, July 29, 2016


Legends Of Poker Event 3 $200,000 Guaranteed Day1AF1 has concluded with 32 players advancing to Day2.

Among the players to advance are,

- Sean Yu 99,600
- Shaun Abkarian 109,200
- William Vo 204,400

Second flight ended with 208 entries, top 31 players advance to Day2 and currently at level 7 130 players remain.

Event 1

Congrats to Bruce Levit winner of WPT Legends Of Poker Event1 $100,000 Guaranteed for 1st place of $30,787*

Bruce Levit

Jim Uyloan is the runner up for $17,110*
- 3rd place Ramzi Srour $10,230*
- 4th place Courtenay Williams $7,700*
- 5th place Anonymous $5,885*
- 6th place Eric Zuwalick $4,515*
- 7th place Bernice Tato $3,605*
- 8th place Larry Werkheiser $2,820*
- 9th place William Davenport $2,110*

A complete payout will be posted tomorrow

Final 10 players made an agreement as follows,
1st place $12,147/ 2nd place $10,935/ 3rd place $10,340/ 4rd place $9,795/ 5th place $9,455/ 6th place $8,765/ 7th place $7,700/ 8th place $7,645/ 9th place $6,380/ 10th place $2,605

Event 3

Event3 $200,000 guaranteed Day1AF1 ends with 216 entries, top 32 players advance to Day2, currently at level 9 120 players remain in the field. 


We are approaching the final table in Event1 with currently 13 players remaining, all players still in have locked up a min cash of $1,220.


Cornell Hughes leads the final 30 players heading into Day2 of Event1 $100,000 Guaranteed.

Complete return list below, play resume at 1:00pm


Event 3

On the schedule tomorrow is the start of Day3 No Limit Hold'Em $200,000 Guaranteed.

There will be 2 starting flights starting 12:00pm and 5:30pm

- Buy-In $240
- Registration close 3:00pm for flight1 and 8:30pm for flight2
- 20,000 starting chips
- Top 15% advance to Day2
- 25 minute levels first 6 levels then 30 minute levels  

Click here for complete structure

Event 2

When 10 players were left in Event2 No Limit Hold'Em Survivor Jeff Yarchever were the chip leader and therefore the official winner of Event 2 taking down $3,000 together with the rest of the remaining players.

Jeff Yarchever 

Complete payout will be posted tomorrow.


The Survivor event is down to 16 players, 11 players in the money with top 10 players getting $3,000.


At the conclusion of Event1 Day1 30 players remain in the field out of 392 entries.
The remaining players resume the play at 1:00pm tomorrow and play down to the winner.

Among the players to survive Day1 and still in for the big money is,

Current chip leader Cornell Hughes bags 1,650,000
- Bernice Tato 960,000
- Minh Nguyen 245,000
- Christopher Banez 560,000

Cornell Hughes