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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Event 3

Some good numbers for Event 3

So far Event3 have had a total of 947 entries, 145 players have advanced to Day2, with 2 Day1 flights and Day2 direct Buy-In remaining the current prize pool is $190,000.

The only question is how much bigger the prize pool will be than the guarantee of $200,000, If your'e not already in it you should come down and get your share of the prize pool.

Event3 Day1B

Registration for second flight of the day in Event3 $200,000 Guaranteed is closed and the flights ends with a total of 246 entries, top 40 players advance to Day2.

Currently at level 8, 160 players remain in the field.

Mega satellite

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Catch one of our Mega Satellites where we guarantee 3 ($1,100) seats. 

Tonight's satellite starts at 8:30pm come down and get into the action. 

Event3 Day1BF1

Event3 $200,000 guaranteed Day1BF1 is in full swing with currently 179 players remaining from a total of 277 entries. 

Top 42 players from this flight will advance to Day2. 

Event3 Day1B

First flight of the day in Event3 $200,000 Guaranteed is underway with registration open until 3:00pm, so far 110 players has entered this flight

Stay tuned for more updates

Event 3 Day1A Return list

Sam Berkow holds the chip lead in Event3 $200,000 Guaranteed as 63 players advance from Day1A, defending champion of the event Raul Bravo also advanced from Day1A with 46,800

Complete return list below


Event 3

Second and final flight of the day has concluded with 31 players advancing to Day2.

Among the players to advance are,

- Raul Bravo 46,800 
- Nika Futterman 49,000 
- Hermilo Vargas 157,000
- Kirk Menne 124,300 

A total of 63 players have advanced from Day1.

There will be two new flights played tomorrow with same structure as today.

- Buy-In $240
- Registration close 3:00pm for flight1 and 8:30pm for flight2
- 20,000 starting chips
- Top 15% advance to Day2
- 25 minute levels first 6 levels then 30 minute levels

Click here for complete structure.