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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Event 14 Day1CF2

Second and last flight of the day ends with 269 entries, top 27 players will advance to Day2.

Currently at level 10, 110 players remain in the field.

Event 14

With today's flights 203 players has so far advanced to Day2, current prize pool is +$408,000 with 4 Day1 flights and Day2 Direct Buy-In remaining, the question is not whether we will meet the guaranteed prize pool of $500,000 but how much it will exceed.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Event 14 Day1CF1

First flight of the day just concluded with 41 players advancing to Day2.

Among the players to advance are,

- Barry Shulman 213,000
- Oscar Zavala 409,000

Barry Shulman 

Oscar Zavala 

Event 14 Return list from Day1A B


Freeroll Points leaderboard


Event 14 Day1BF2

The last flight of the day has concluded and we have a new chip leader heading into Day2.

Levon Khachatryan ends the flight as the new overall chip leader with 1,105,000

Levon Khachatryan 

Some other players that advanced from this flight are

- Jeff Yarchever 184,000 
- Gordon Garcia 50,000 
- Rafi Azam 222,500 

Jeff Yarchever 

Gordon Garcia 

Rafi Azam  

Two new flights starting 12:00pm & 5:30pm click here to check out the schedule