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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Event 14 Day1F2

Last flight of the day and the last flight of Event14 ends with 363 entries, top top 36 players advance to Day2

Currently at level 11, 170 players remain in the field.

Event 14 Day1EF1

Event 14 Day1EF1 just concluded with 45 players advancing to Day2.

Among the players to advance are,

- Jarod Einsohn 205,000
- Dave Foust 173,500
- Joel Kopp 423,500
- Corey Silver 276,500

Jarod Einsohn 

Dave Foust 

Joel Kopp 

Corey Silver 

Event14 Day1EF2

Registration in the last Day1 flight of Event 14 is open for another 2 hours, so far the flight have 189 entries.

Event14 Day1EF1

We are on the last Day1 of Event14 $500,000 guaranteed and the first flight ends with a total of 449 entries, top 45 players to Day2.

Currently at level 13, 140 players remain in the field.

Event14 Day1E

First flight of the day in Event14 $500,000 Guaranteed is underway with registration open another 1 hour.

Currently 303 entries.

Second flight of the day and last chance to get into this event through Day1 starts at 5:30pm with registration closing at 8:30pm.

Day2 direct buy-in $1,750 is available until start of Day2 tomorrow at 4:00pm - No late registration.

- Start with 200,000 tournament chips
- Blinds 1,500/3,000 Ante 500
- Day2 40 minute levels
- Day3 60 minute levels
- 33% of Day2 field in the money

Click here for complete structure

Event 14 Return list

With 2 more Day1 flights to go a total of 269 players have advanced to Day2, Levon Khachatryan remain the chip leader heading into Day2.

Complete return list, chip count and seat assigments below.