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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Event 14

Men Nguyen is all in on the button and quickly gets called by Sashi Bobba in the Big Blind.

Men holds J90
Sashi holds QQ

The board is no help for Men and he is eliminated in 13th place for $7,720

Event 14

Level 20
Blinds 125,000/250,000
Ante 25,000

13 players remain in Event14, here's the most recent eliminations.

- 14th place Brian Brubaker $7,720
- 15th place Benjamin Jensen $7,720
- 16th place Mel Gardner $6,805
- 17th place Touraj Kebriaiy $6,805
- 18th place Matt Salsberg $6,805

Event17, 18

Alongside Event14 there are two tournaments underway. 

Event17 No Limit Hold'Em Deepstack $50,000 guaranteed ends with 264 entries. 

Top 27 players ITM with min cash of $400 with $14,586 for 1st place 

The players are currently at the money bubble with 28 players left, the play is hand for hand until we have one more eliminations. 

Event18 friends with the Bike is also underway with a total of 440 entries, creating a total prize pool of $37,587. 

Top 45 players in the money with min cash of $190 with $10,122 for 1st place. 

Currently at level 12, 140 players remain in the field. 
We just lost Matt Salsberg in 18th place he will bring home $6,805 for lasting until last 2 tables in Event14

Event14 Day3

18 players remain in Event14. 

Level 19 
Blinds 100,000/200,000 
Ante 25,000 
Average chips 5,477,777 

- Men Nguyen 
- Matt Salsberg 
- Super Mario Orozco 
- Mel Gardner 
- David Pham are all still in. 

Remaining players have locked up a min cash of $6,805

Event 14 Day3

After almost 3 levels of play in Day3 of Event14, the field is down to final 23 players.

A couple of the notables still in are,

- Men The Master Nguyen
- Matt Salsberg
- David The Dragon Pham
- Mel Gardner who started the day as chip leader.

Men The Master Nguyen 

Matt Salsberg 

David The Dragon Pham 

Mel Gardner

Stay tuned for more updates.


Cards in the air in Event14 Day3. 

Remaining 45 players have locked up $3,005 with $160,347 for 1st place. 

Event14 Day3 Return list

Day3 in Event 14 $500,000 Guaranteed kicks off at 6:00pm with 45 players remaining in the field.

Below is complete return list chip counts and seat assignments


Event 16 Results


Event 15 Results


Freeroll leaderboard as of 08/10/16


Event 14 Day2

Event 14 $500,000 Guaranteed

As Day2 concludes with 45 players bagging and tagging Mel Gardner leads the field with the biggest chip stack heading into Day3 with 6,990,000.

Mel with the biggest stack in the room 

We also have a new Super Mario in LA to take down a Legends Of Poker Event and he's on a good way to possibly make it happen in this event returning to Day3 with almost double average chip stack - Super Mario Orozco 4,265,000

Super Mario Orozco

David The Dragon Pham ends Day2 with 2,875,000 

Jesus Jimenez return to Day3 with 2,160,000 

Antonio Fesi starts with 2,600,000 tomorrow

Other notable players still in the event are,

- Matt Salsberg 3,050,000
- Paul Chauderson 1,685,000
- Men Nguyen 1,470,000
- Gevork Kasabyan 1,105,000

A complete return list with chip counts will be posted tomorrow.

Players will resume at Level 16
Blinds 50,000/100,000
Ante 10,000
Average chip stack 2,241,111

Play resume at 6:00pm tomorrow - stay tuned for more updates.


Alongside Event14, Event16 No Limit Hold'Em Survivor has been concluded were top 10% wins $3,000 each, the event had a total of 65 entries and top 8 players decided to wrap it up and made a deal.

At the time Joe Marcal were the overall chip leader and the official winner for $3,001

Joe Marcal 
- Ning Wang $2,357
- Manju Gera $2,357
- Jerry Richardson $2,357
- Tyler Justice $2,357
- Matt $2,357
- Jared Rubin $2,357
- Brian Berry $2,357