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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Event19 Day1CF2

Second flight of the day has just concluded with 11 players advancing to Day2.

Among the players to make it to Day2 from this flight are,

- David Dragon Pham 290,500 
- Bill Fagerbakke 295,000 
- Karlo Gharabegian 427,000
- Phuoc Nguyen 400,000 

David Dragon Pham 

Bill Fagerbakke 

Karlo Gharabegian 

Phuoc Nguyen 

Event19 Day1CF1

First flight of the day just concluded with top 12 advancing to Day2.

Among the players to advance from this flight are,

- Anuj Agarwal who double qualify - he is currently top 4 overall
- Thu Nguyen advance with 632,000 which brings him up to top 5 overall chip stacks
- Sany Alirach 347,000

Anuj Agarwal 

Thu Nguyen 

Sany Alirach 

MegaMillionXV Day1AB Return list

61 players have so far advanced through MegaMillionXV Day1A+B, Alex Millan holds the current overall chip lead and Deepinder Singh is the first one to double qualify.

Below is complete return list (Day1AB)


Event 14 Day1C

Here's the final numbers for the 3 MegaMillionXV flights running at Bicycle Casino today.

First flight 

- 244 entries
- 24 in the money
- 12 advance to Day2

Second flight

- 114 entries
- 11 advance to Day2

Third flight 

- 157 entries
- 16 in the money
- 8 advance to Day2