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Friday, August 19, 2016

Event19 MMXV Day1HF2

Second flight of the day has concluded with 16 players advancing to Day2.

Among the players to advance are,

- MegaMillionIX winner Sarkis Keshishian 23,500
- Gary Do 57,500
- Darren Healy 77,000

Sarkis Keshishian

Gary Do 

Darren Healy 

Event19 MMXV Day1HF1

First flight of the day has concluded with 21 players in the money and 10 players advancing to Day2.

- Fred Goff III double qualify from this flight with 190,000
- Huy Nguyen advance with 274,500

Fred Goff III

Huy Nguyen 

Event19 MMXV Day1H

We have currently 3 MegaMillionXV Day1 flights running at the Bicycle Casino.


Entries: 209
In the money: 21
Advance to Day2: 10

Currently 35 players remaining.


Advance to Day2: 16

Currently 79 players remaining

Currently 168 entries, registration open until 8:30pm top 10% in the money and top 5% advance to Day2.

Event19 MMXV Day1A-G Return list

After Day1G has ended a total of 175 players have now advanced to Day2 and Grisha Hovsepyan has taken over the chip lead with 741,500.

Complete return list below.