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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Event19 Day1JF1

First flight of the day has just ended with 15 players advancing to Day2.

Both Allyn Shulman (94,000) and Larisa Evloeva (76,000) make it to Day2 from this flight among the other 15 players.

Allyn Shulman 

Larisa Evloeva  

Event19 MMXV Day1J

Registration for all three Event19 Day1J flights are closed and here's the numbers,


- 305 entries
- Top 31 in the money
- Top 15 Advance to Day2
- Currently 20 players remaining


- 202 entries
- Top 20 advance to Day2
- Currently 45 players remaining


- 255 entries
- Top 26 in the money
- Top 13 players advance to Day2
- Currently 170 players remaining

Event19 MMXV Day1J

We are on our 10th Day1 of Event19 MegaMillionXV $1,000,000 Guaranteed.

With 3 flights running today you have lots of options to get into the action and find your way to the big money in MMXV.

First flights registration is closing in about 30 minutes with so far 277 entries.

Second flight has registration open until 5:00pm with currently 83 entries.

With last flight starting at 5:30pm with registration open until 8:30pm.

Come down and get into the action the prize pool is already over $1,100,000

Event19 MMXV Day1A-I Return list


Freeroll leaderboard as of 08/19/16


Event19 MMXV Day1IF3

Last and final flight of the day has concluded with 14 players advancing to Day2.

With 2 Day1 left and 6 flights to go, plus Day2 direct buy-in the current prize pool is over 1,100,000.

3 new flights tomorrow starting at 12:00pm, 2:00pm and 5:30pm.

Check out the full schedule here.

Event19 MMXV Day1IF2

The $550 flight just ended with 16 players bag and tag for Day2.

Among the players to make it from this flight are,

- Jarod Einsohn 141,500 
- Dana Kellstrom 46,500 

Jarod Einsohn 

Dana Kellstrom