We Care Commitment

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Event 23

Event23 No Limit Hold'Em $100,000 Guaranteed has concluded for the day with 29 players remaining.

Among the players to make it through Day1 are,

- David Levy 77,000
- Mike Shariati 144,500
-William Givens 112,500
- Tyler Justice 63,500

Play will resume tomorrow at 1:00pm at level 16, Blinds 2,000/4,000 Ante 500.

Event 24 PLO

Event24 Pot Limit Omaha $30,000 Guaranteed ends with 25 entries, we are currently at level 6 with 14 players remaining.

Event 23

Event 23 No Limit Hold'Em Deepstack $100,000 Guaranteed ends with a total of 147 entries creating a prize pool of $142,590.

Top 15 players in the money with min cash of $2,125 and $44,195 for 1st place.

We are scheduled to play 15 levels today and we're currently at level 13 with 47 players remaining in the field.

MMXV Final

Congrats to Sang Yi, winner of MegaMillionXV for 1st place of $326,267*
Sang outlast the biggest MegaMillion event ever with a total of 6,477 entries and a prize pool of $2,082,667.

Sang Yi 

Lior Orel is the runner up for 2nd place of $183,945*
- 3rd place Darren Healy 123,470*

Lior Orel 

Darren Healy

MMXV Final table

We are down to final 3 players in MegaMillionXV.

- 4th place Aaron Motoyama $91,555
- 5th place Xiao Ruan $69,335

Aaron Motoyama

Xiao Ruan

Current chip count on the final 3

- Sang Yi 85,700,000
- Lior Orel 21,300,000
- Darren Healy 7,900,000

MMXV Final Table

We are down to Final 5 players in MegaMillionXV

Recent eliminations

- 6th place Alexander Beleson $53,540
- 7th place Timothy Cramer $42,030
- 8th place Hovannes Katchatryan $32,955
- 9th place Paul Yi $25,275

Alexander Beleson 

Timothy Cramer 

Hovannes Katchatryan 

Paul Yi

Remaining players and chip counts

- Sang Yi 34,400,000
- Lior Orel 28,525,000
- Xiao Ruan 21,700,000
- Aaron Motoyama 16,950,000
- Darren Healy 14,325,000

MMXV Final Table

Cards are in the air in MegaMillionXV Final Table, watch live stream at www.liveatthebike.com

Final freeroll leaderboard

Top 30 made the cut for the freeroll tonight at 6:00pm - Good luck