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Friday, August 26, 2016

Event 26

The NLHE Survivor event ends with a total of 170 entries, currently 130 remaining, once we're down to final 17 we will wrap it up and remaining players gets $5,000 each. 

Event 26

Event 26 NLHE Survivor where top 10% gets $5,000 each is underway with currently 75 entries, registration is open until 8:30pm so you have plenty of time to get down to the Bicycle Casino and get into the action. 

Mega Satellite

First Mega Satellite of the day is about to kick of with 3 WPT Main Event seats guaranteed.

Check out the structure here 


Event 25 No Limit Hold'Em Bounty is underway at The Bicycle Casino with registration open for another hour the event has so far 84 entries.

You still have time to come down and take down a couple bounties worth $500 each.

On the schedule tomorrow.

WPT Main Event is just a day away and we have 2 Mega Satellites guaranteeing a total of 8 WPT Main Event seats.

First satellite starts at 2:00pm with 3 seats guaranteed.
Second satellite starts at 8:00pm with 5 seats guaranteed.
- Buy-In $430
- 8,000 starting stack
- 20 minute levels
- Re-Entry first 4 levels

Click here for structure

We will also have Event 25 & 26 running tomorrow.

Event 25 No Limit Hold'Em Bounty $50,000 guaranteed 

- Start 12:00pm
- Registration close 3:00pm
- Buy-In $1,100
- Each bounty $500
- 20,000 starting stack
- 40 minute levels
- Re-Entry first 4 levels

Click here for full structure

Event 26 No Limit Hold'Em Survivor 

- Start 5:30pm
- Registration close 8:30pm
- Buy-In $565
- Top 10% of the field paid $5,000 each
- 15,000 starting stack
- Re-Entry first 6 levels
- 25 minute levels

Click here for full structure

In addition WPT Festival starts at 6:00pm - each winner of side events 1-25 qualify for this freeroll with first place of a WPT Main Event seat + 3 Nights hotel accommodations.

Event24 PLO

Congrats to Tommy Le, winner of Event24 $30,000 Guaranteed PLO for 1st place of $15,000

Tommy Le

Jesse Yaginuma is the runner up in the event for $9,000
- 3rd place Thida Lin $6,000