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Saturday, August 27, 2016

WPT Main Event Day1A

Players are on their last break of the day, when they're coming back they will play two more levels before it's time to wrap it up for the day.

We have now a total of 244 entries, with 132 players remaining.

WPT Main Event Day1A

So far a total of 238 players has entered Day1A of WPT Main Event. 

We are at level 7, blinds 75/250/500 with average chip stack of 40,508 

A couple chip counts 

- Phil Laak has chipped up to 110,000 
- Samantha Abernathy 89,000 
- Jason Les 69,000 
- Allyn Shulman 58,000 
- Barry Shulman 57,000 

WPT Main Event Day1A

The players has returned to their tables and play has resumed at Level 7 with blinds 75/250/500

WPT Main Event Day1A

We are 6 levels into WPT Main Event Day1A and the players just went on a 60 minute dinner break.

So far the event have 232 entries, with 170 players remaining

When the players return from dinner break we have 4 more levels of play today.

Some of the players still in are,

Olivier Busquet 

JC Tran 

Matt Salsberg 

William Givens 

Tim Cramer 

Sam Stein 

Event 25

Congrats to Hiren Patel, winner of Event 25 $50,000 Guaranteed No Limit Hold'Em Bounty for 1st place of $15,370.

Hiren Patel

Alex Outhred is the runner up for 2nd place of $9,125
- 3rd place Quan Tran $5,635
- 4th place Michael Arons $4,295
- 5th place Chester Burnett $3,265
- 6th place Eugene Castro $2,625
- 7th place Marminder Kumar $2,085
- 8th place Christopher Banez $1,635
- 9th place Brian Comestro $1,250
- 10th place Emmanuel Marianakis $910
- 11th place Milagros Peterson $910
- 12th place Michael Frank $910

WPT Main Event Day1A

Players are on a 10 minute break as we're heading into Level 5 with blinds of 50/150/300.
So far 208 entries with 183 players remaining.

A couple current chip counts

- Qui Nguyen 80,000
- Will Failla 41,000
- Phil Laak 38,000
- Jennifer Tilly 35,000
- Jason Les 33,000
- Adam Geyer 27,000
- Matt Salsberg 23,000

Event 26 Result

Congrats to Angie Tran, winner of Event 26 No Limit Hold'Em Survivor


Event 24 Results

Congrats to Tommy Le, winner of Event 24 $30,000 Guaranteed Pot Limit Omaha for 1st place of $15,000


Event 23 Results

Congrats to David Levi, winner of Event 23 No Limit Hold'Em $100,000 Guaranteed for 1st place of $44,195.


WPT Main Event Day1A

We are on level 3 in WPT Main event Day1A with currently 167 entries.

Here are some of the players that showed up on Day1A

Garrett Greer 

Adam Geyer 

Allen Kessler 

Kathy Liebert 

Ryan Laplante

Will Failla 

Alex Masek

November 9'er Qui Nguyen is among the early birds here at the WPT Main Event Day1A at Bicycle Casino.

Qui Nguyen 

Cards are in the air in WPT Main Event Day1A and the seats are being filled up with players, the tournament clock currently shows 73 entries, registration is open until start of Day2.

WPT Main Event Day1A

WPT Main Event is about to kick off with Day1A.

- Start 12:00pm
- 30,000 starting chips
- Single Re-Entry per day
- 60 minute levels first 10 levels, all Day1
- Day1 is scheduled to play 14 levels

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