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Monday, August 29, 2016

WPT Main Event

And we're in the money, JC Tran were eliminated in the bubble, remaining players has locked up a min cash of $7,275. 

45 more minutes of play until we wrap it up for today. 

WPT Main Event

It's bubble time in WPT Main Event hand for hand is in play until we have one more  elimination. 

WPT Main Event

Level Blinds 2,000/4,000 Ante 500 

We are down to 83 players and 11eliminations from the money in WPT Main Event. 

WPT Main Event

WPT Main Event is on dinner break with 132 players remaining in the field.

Toby Lewis leads the field with 475,000 in chips

Barry and Allyn Shulman are both still in the main event and will return after the break at level 15 Blinds 1,500/3,000 Ante 500

Barry Shulman 

Allyn Shulman 

WPT Main Event

The players are on a 10 minutes break heading into Level 14 with blinds 1,200/2,400 Ante 400.
161 players remain in the field.

Here's a couple notable chip counts

- Andy Frankenberger has taken over the chip lead with 395,000
- Olivier Busquet 351,000
- Samantha Abernathy 260,000
- Mike Eskandari 220,000
- Chino Rheem 210,000
- Nipun Java 200,000
- Barry Shulman 158,000
- David Levy 130,000
- Mike Shariati 128,000

WPT Main Event Prize Pool


WPT Main Event

Level 13 Blinds 1,000/2,000 Ante 300

188 players still in the Main Event with Barry Hutter having the current chip lead with 360,000, average chip stack is 109,627.

A couple of the players we saw in the field today.

Mike Sexton 

Bill Klein 

David Levy 

Eddy Sabat 

Garrett Greer 

JC Tran 

Olivier Busquet 

Event 28

Event 28 No Limit Hold'Em Turbo is about to kick off here at the Bicycle Casino.

- Buy-In $1,100
- Starts 4:00pm
- Registration close 6:15pm
- Re-Entry first 6 levels
- 20,000 starting stack

Click here for full structure

WPT Main Event

The numbers are in for the Main Event.

This years WPT Legends Of Poker Main Event drew a total of 687 entries, creating a total prize pool of $2,465,643 min cash is $7,275 for top 72 players with $600,645.

We are currently at level 12 with 234 players remaining.

WPT Main Event Day2

WPT Main Event Day2 starts at 12:00pm with 272 players returning from Day2, registration is still open until 12:00pm.

Here's the complete return list with chip counts and seat assignments


Main Event Day1B

Main Event Day1B has concluded with 175 players surviving the day out of a total of 383 Day1B entries.

Reuben Hoang ends the flight as chip leader and will lead the field heading into Day2 with 232,200

A total of 272 players will return for Day2, Registration is still open until start of Day2 tomorrow at 12:00pm.

Reuben Hoang

Other notable players that made it through Day1B

- Shanta Ruwanpura 180,800
- Mike Shariati 145,000
- David Dragon Pham 95,000
- Jake Schindler 85,000
- Mike Sexton 67,100
- Lexy Gavin 76,300
- Aaron Massey 76,000
- Rex Clinkscales 57,200
- Nipun Java 56,900
- Craig Chait 35,000