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Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Today's two flights had a total of 205 entries, with a total of 12 players advancing to Day2.

With 4 days played, we have a total of 1,044 entries with 60 players advanced and ready for Day2.
The total prize pool has reach above $940,000.

Mo Fathipour talks about SCPC and show us the trophy

SCPC Players

Here's a couple snap shots of the players that has played the SoCal Poker Championships here at The Bicycle Casino.

James Woods 

Boris Goldstein 

Hector Alvarez 

Mike Shariati 

Paul Chauderson 

Thu Nguyen 

William Hung 


First flight of the day is down to final 35 players, top 12 players will be in the money.

Second flight of the day is also up and running with registration open until 9:30pm, currently only 51 entries, so come down and get in to the action.

SCPC Return list as of 10/03/16


SCPC $100,000 Freeroll as of 10/03/16



Registration just closed for the first flight of the day with a total of 121 entries, currently 80 players left.

Top 12 will be in the money with top 7 players advancing to Day2.