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Thursday, October 6, 2016


With registration closed for the second flight, here's the numbers for today.

  • First flight 152 entries, 15 in the money and top 9 players advanced to Day2 
  • Second flight 105 entries, 11 in the money and top 6 players advance to Day2. 
We have now a total of 1,479 entries for SoCal Poker Championships stop at The Bike with a total of 86 players advanced to Day2. 

Current overall prize pool is +$1,067,000 

We got two more days and 4 Day1 flights to play, Day2 is on Sunday at 1:00pm with Day2 direct Buy-In for $4,500 - No late registration. 

Check out the full schedule here and the structure here

Players from SCPC Day1BE 1st flight

While checking out the action in the first flight of the day, we took some pictures of a couple familiar faces playing SCPC here at The Bike

Mike Shariati 

Nika Futterman 

Mark Peckham 

William Vo 


We have two new SoCal Poker Championships flights running here at The Bicycle Hotel & Casino today.
The numbers of entries increasing with a total of  152 entries in the first flight.
Top 15 players will be in the money and top 9 players make it to Day2.

Currently 51 players remaining with lots of familiar faces such as,
  • Mike Shariati 
  • Nika Futterman 
  • William Vo 
  • Dana Kellstrom 
  • Mark Peckham 
Second flight just started with registration open until 9:30pm, still some time to get down here and get into the action. 

SCPC Return list as of 10/05/16


SCPC $100,000 Freerolll Leaderboard as of 10/05/16