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Friday, October 7, 2016

Numbers are in for today and last Day1 tomorrow

Registration is closed for both SoCal Poker Championships flights running at The Bike today and here's the numbers.

  • Flight 1, 186 entries, 19 players in the money and top 11 players advance to Day2. 
  • Flight 2, 125 entries, 13 players in the money and top 8 players advance to Day2. 
We have a total of 1,790 entries so far at teh SCPC stop at The Bike, with a total of 105 players surviving and making it to Day2. 

The overall prize pool is currently +$1,160,000. 

Tomorrow will be the last Day1 with flights starting at 12:00pm & 5:30pm. 

You also have the option of satellite your way into Day2 in our Mega satellite starting tomorrow at 8:30pm, with 3 $4,500 Day2 seats guaranteed, but-in is $950. Check out the full structure here.


First flight of the day ends with a total of 186 entries, top 19 players in the money with top 11 players bag and tag and get back for Day2.

Catch the evening flight that starts at 5:30pm and find your way to the big money.

SCPC Return list as of 10/06/16


SCPC $100,000 Freeroll as of 10/06/16