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Sunday, October 9, 2016


SoCal Poker Championships Day2 has been played for 12 levels and that concludes Day2, the final 29 players wrap it up and bag and tag and will return for Day3 at 1:00pm tomorrow, play will resume starting at level 13 with blinds 25,000/50,000 5,000 ante and we will play down to final 10 players who will get $10,000 each and return for Day4 in december.

Remaining players has locked up a min cash of $3,260, Day1 players has already made a great profit on their investment and Day2 direct buy-in players need to survive to next pay jump to make a profit but everyone is aiming for that $500,000 Guaranteed first place and the greatest trophy in poker - Mercedes Benz C-Class.

Day3 return list and chip counts will be posted tomorrow morning.

SCPC Day2 players at The Bike

36 players took the option to skip Day1 and buy in directly to Day2 for $4,500.

Here are a couple of them.

Aaron Kaiser 

Armen Zadoyan 

Matt Salsberg 

Moshin charania 

Sam Stein 

Shawn Busse 

Taylor Paur 

Upeshka DeSilva

SCPC at The Bike payout

SoCal Poker Championships Day2 is in full swing at The Bicycle Hotel & Casino, with currently 108 players remaining out of 173 starting today.

Top 63 players will be in the money with min cash of $1,585 and top 10 players gets $10,000 and advance to Day4.

Complete payout below.


SCPC Day2 return list

130 players return for Day2 in SoCal Poker Championships at The Bicycle Hotel & Casino.
Complete return list with chip counts below.


SCPC $100,000 Freeroll leaderboard as of 10/08/16