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Friday, October 14, 2016

Event2 $150,000 Guaranteed

We are down to final 37 players in Event2 $150,000 Guaranteed, remaining players has locked up a min cash of $785.

Day2 direct buy-in players need to last another 10 more eliminations to make a profit of their $1,100 Buy-In.

Here are some of the Day2 direct buy-in players.

Danny Illingworth

Adam Levy

Frank Lin 

Haik Kyurumyan 

James Dowdy

Jordan Christos 

Koveh Vaysei 

Mesha James 

Michael Tzeiler 

Nipun Java 

Paul Chauderson

Event2 $150,000 Guaranteed

With 42 players remaining Andy Vu has taken a huge chip lead.

Andy Vu

Stay tuned for more player pictures

Event2 ITM

We are in the money in Event2 $150,000 Guaranteed, remaining 72 players has locked up a min cash of $390 with $44,771 for 1st place.

Event2 $150,000 Guaranteed

With 73 Day2 direct buy-ins in Event2 $150,000 Guaranteed the prize pool has been crushed and ends with $241,336.

Top 72 players will be in the money with min cash of $390 with $44,771 for 1st place.

Currently at level 5 130 players remain in the field.

Complete prize pool payout below.


Event2 $150,000 Guaranteed Day2 return list

Day2 in Event2 $150,000 Guaranteed kicks off at 1:00pm today with 134 returning players.
You can still get in with Day2 direct buy-in, click here for more info regarding Day2 buy-in.

Complete returning list with chip counts below.