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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Tong Le has been eliminated in 10th place for $6,220.

The final table will shortly be live streamed at www.liveatthebike.com

We have an unofficial final table after Bobby Sanoubane has been eliminated in 11th place for $6,220

Another two quick eliminations

  • 12th place Gregory Roberts $6,220 
  • 13th place Adam Regiaba $5,430 
Remaining 12 players are on a 10 minute break and will return to blinds of 25,000/50,000 Ante 5,000 with average chip stack of 1,396,363 
Two recent eliminations in Card Player Main Event.

Phil Laak and Turbo is all in on a flop of AK10ccx, Turbo flopped top set of A's and Phil have a flush draw, turn is another A and gives turbo quads Aces and that concludes the Main Event for Phil Laak.

  • 14th place Phil Laak $5,430
  • 15th place Hieu Ngoc Ma $5,430
We are down to final 15 players after following players has been eliminated

  • 16th place Ozumbekow Erkinbek $4,710 
  • 17th place Joshua Fields $4,710 
Hassan Mechammil has been eliminated in 18th place for $4,710.
Dana Kellstrom who starts the day as one of the short stacks with 265,000 holds AK in small blind and is all in and is way behind when Jason Nguyen wakes up with KK.

Dana hits an A's on the river though and doubles up.

Main Event Day3

We got cards in the air in Card Player Main Event.

Event 5 Omaha 8 or Better

Event 5 Omaha 8 or Better $10,000 Guaranteed kicks off at 12:00pm.

  • Buy-In $200 
  • Registration open until 3:00pm 
  • 25 minute levels first 6 levels then 30 minute levels 
  • Each player start with 15,000 chips 
  • Re-Entry first 6 levels 
Complete structure here.

Card Player Main Event Day3 return list

18 players return to Day3 in Card Player Main Event at The Bike.

Matt McEwan leads the field with Phil Laak currently 2nd in chips.

Once final table is set the live stream will start at www.liveatthebike.com

Complete return list with chip counts below.


Card Player Main Event

Card Player Main Event at The Bicycle Hotel & Casino has been running for 12 levels and that concludes Day2.

18 players still remain in the field with Matt McEwan holding the chip lead heading into Day3 with 2,200,000

Matt McEwans 

Remaining players has locked up $4,710

Other notable players still in are,

  • Phil Laak 1,680,000 
  • Michael Rocco 400,000 
  • Phong Turbo Nguyen 810,000 
  • Joshua Field 260,000 

Complete return list will be posted tomorrow morning. 

Day3 starts at 2:00pm with live stream at Live at the Bike once we're down to final 9 players.