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Thursday, December 22, 2016


WSOPC Event # 20 - Jordan Cristos WINS the $500,000 GUARANTEED EVENT

Jordan dominated the final table. At the end of the tournament Jordan had 1/2 of the chips in play and the other players suggested a chop.
The players got together and decided to chop with Jordan receiving almost full value for 1st place - $148,969.

Top three players - Jordan Cristos, Chenyu Hung, Andrew Miramontes -

Steven Kaslov - $49,805 - 4th

Juan Valladares - FROM SAUGUS - $44,120

Ed Klein - 6th place - $42,400

Dohyung Kim - 7th place - $37,280

WSOPC Event # 20 - Michael Wasserman - Finishes in 8th Place

Michael Wasserman finishes 8th place.
Michael had been battling with Mike Eskandari in the later stages of the tournament and had prevailed. But after Mike Eskandari's exit Michael's cards turned cold and didn't hold.
Michael is paid $16,295 for 8th place.

WSOPC Event # 20 - Mike Eskandari - Out 9th Place

Mike Eskandari is eliminated in 9th place.

Mike is the only SCPC player to make a second final table after the SCPC Day 4 players.

Mike takes home $12,495 for his efforts.