Thursday, June 15, 2017

Back-to-Back Double Ups for Samy Alirachedi

Samy Alirachedi and start of day chip leader Lay Saelee just tangled in back-to-back pots that saw Alirachedi rocket up to the chip lead, while Saelee has plummeted to one of the short stacks. In the first hand, Alirachedi was all in and ahead preflop with Ace-Ten vs. Ace-Nine. Alirachedi's hand held, and he scored the double up.

Before he could finish stacking his chips, he was all in again against Saelee, and this time, in much better shape, with pocket Kings to the King-Queen of Saelee. Saelee flopped a queen and a backdoor flush draw, but would pick up no help.

Just like that, Alriachedi is up to over 6 million, while Saelee has just one million.

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