Saturday, July 29, 2017

Dan Pasko Eliminated in 9th Place ($2,430)

On the very next hand, Men Nguyen would raise it up in late position, only to see Dan Pasko move his short stack in from the blinds. Nguyen called, and Pasko saw he had a slight advantage.

Pasko: [Ah][2h]
Nguyen: [Ks][Qh]

The flop of [Ac][Js][9s] shot Pasko out into a big lead, as Nguyen was now looking for a ten to win. The [Qc] on the turn paired up Nguyen, and gave him a few more outs. Sure enough, another lady hit the river, the [Qd], and Nguyen's trip queens took the pot, upping his stack to over four million.

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