Saturday, July 29, 2017

Greg Sanchez Eliminated in 7th Place ($4,165)

Greg Sanchez moved all in from the button, and Bruce Levitt snap called from the big blind.

Sanchez: [Kd][Qc]
Levitt: [As][Ks]

The board ran down [Jd][8c][3h][7d][Kc], and Sanchez bowed out in seventh.

The final six players are looking at a chip chop. Here are the exact counts at the moment.

Michael Levin - 5,265,000
Men Nguyen - 4,910,000
Gernardo Lizarraga - 4,630,000
Bruce Levitt - 3,530,000
Casey Jacobs - 3,460,000
Rob Salinger - 2,040,000

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