Thursday, August 10, 2017

Ben Chung Triples Up in Wild Hand

We just saw a pretty interesting three handed pot that saw Ben Chung score an unorthodox triple up. Here's how it went down.

Vanik Matousian, who had won a massive pot off of Chung earlier to leave him short, made a big raise to 1.2 million preflop. Chung moved all in for not much more, and it folded around to Brad Sholl in the big blind. He tanked for about two minutes before calling, and Matousian emphatically moved all in. There was just one problem though. He wasn't allowed to do that, as Chung's all in raise was for less than the amount of the original raise. As a result, Matousian was forced to just call.

The flop came down [Ad][8h][2d], and Sholl checked to Matousian, who again emphatically moved all in. Sholl immediately raised his hands to the sky and started slamming his chips in front of him. Not long into the tank, Matousian accidentally exposed his cards, reveling [Ah][Kd]. Sholl saw the cards, chuckled, and quickly released [Js][Jc].

Chun rolled over [As][Qs], and was in rough shape against Matousian. The turn brought no help, but the river was the [Qc], giving Chung a roller coaster triple up to over five million, and leaving Matousian with seven million.

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