Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Bohanner Doubles Up Again

Action folded around to chip leader Aharon Shimoni on the button, and he moved all in, easily having the blinds covered. Nikolai Sears folded his small blind, but Mark Bohanner called from the big blind to put himself at risk.

Bohanner: [Ac][10c]
Shimoni: [Kd][3s]

The flop all but ended the hand, coming down [Ah][Qc][7h]. The [Js] on the turn gave Shimoni hope for a brutal suck out, and the river might have made Bohanner's heart skip a beat, as it was the [9d], just short of the ten Shimoni needed.

Bohanner is a threat all of a sudden with 5.5 million, while Shimoni is still the leader with 12.5 million.

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