Thursday, August 10, 2017

Eum Doubles Into the Chip Lead

Just 30 minutes after being knocked down to ten big blinds, Young Eum has managed to jump back into the chip lead. This hand was on the turn between Steven Sung and Eum when Sung fired out 4.5 million. The board showed [Ac][10c][6s][Ks], and Eum responded by moving all in for 20.5 million.

Sung talked over the hand for a bit while Eum stood up and walked around with a smile on his face. Eventually, Sung made the call with [Ah][8s], and he was behind the [Kh][10d] of Eum. The [2s] completed the board, and Eum took in the massive double up to 48 million, while Sung, who had over half the chips in play after that big double up, is now the severe short stack with 10.5 million.

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