Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Juan Godinez Eliminated in 5th Place ($17,670)

After Richard Mestas raised to 750,000, Juan Godinez moved all in for about double that. Mestas snap called with [Ad][Qh], and he was out in front of the [Kh][6h] of Godinez. The flop of [5s][2s][5c] kept Mestas in the lead, and the [Qs] on the turn meant only a king would save Godinez now.

The river was the [10s] instead, giving Mestas the victory. Here is how the final four stack up now. There still haven't been any talks of a chop yet.

Richard Mestas - 14.5 million
Aharon Shimoni - 13.3 million
Giorgio Medici - 13.1 million
Mark Bohanner - 3 million

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