Thursday, August 31, 2017

Papazyan Doubles Through Tran

Art Papazyan shoved all in for his final 2.5 million, and JC Tran called to put him at risk.

Papazyan: [8s][8d]
Tran: [Ad][8c]

Papazyan is in great shape to score the double up, and he kept that lead on the [Qd][10h][5h] flop. Tran picked up some backdoor flush and straight outs, and he would pick up those flush outs on the [8h] turn. It also gave Papazyan a set, but any heart that wasn't the queen would work for Tran now. The river brought the [2s], and Papazyan was able to score the double up.

JC Tran - 7,800,000
Art Papazyan - 5,400,000

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