Daily Tournaments

Daily Tournaments

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Papazyan Doubles Through Tran

Art Papazyan shoved all in for his final 2.5 million, and JC Tran called to put him at risk.

Papazyan: [8s][8d]
Tran: [Ad][8c]

Papazyan is in great shape to score the double up, and he kept that lead on the [Qd][10h][5h] flop. Tran picked up some backdoor flush and straight outs, and he would pick up those flush outs on the [8h] turn. It also gave Papazyan a set, but any heart that wasn't the queen would work for Tran now. The river brought the [2s], and Papazyan was able to score the double up.

JC Tran - 7,800,000
Art Papazyan - 5,400,000

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