Thursday, August 10, 2017

Phan Doubles Through Matousian

Action folded around to Tuan Minh Phan in the small blind, and he moved all in for his final 2.5 million. Vanik Matousian was in the big blind, and after looking at his hand, he made the call.

Phan: [Jc][9c]
Matousian: [Jh][10h]

Matousian was thrilled to see he was in fantastic shape for the knockout, but that quickly changed after the flop came down [9s][6s][2d]. Matousian was looking for a ten now, but it would never come, as the board finished out [Ah] and [6c].

Phan is up to nearly 6 million after that hand, while Matousian is down to 7.5 million.

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