Thursday, August 10, 2017

Phan Doubles Through Nalbandyan

On the turn of a board showing [Ks][4s][3d][7h], Joe Nalbandyan checked to Tuan Minh Phan, who moved all in for 3.6 million. It was a over a pot sized bet, and it sent Nalbandyan deep into the tank. The two exchanged in some banter, with Phan telling Nalbandyan he had the best hand right now. After about four minutes in the tank, the clock was called.

Not long after that, Nalbandyan dropped in the call. Phan showed [Kh][8h], and he was out in front of the [9s][7d] held by Nalbandyan. The river was the [Ad], and Phan scored another double up to 9.5 million, while Nalbandyan is down to 14.5 million.

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