Thursday, August 10, 2017

Sung Doubles Through Eum in Biggest Pot of Tournament

Steve Sung and Young Eum went heads up to a flop of [As][4s][4d]. Sung checked to Eum, who bet 1.25 million. Sung raised it up to 3 million, Sung called, and the [5c] hit the turn. Sung fired 5.5 million, Eum moved all in, and Sung snap called.

Sung: [5d][5h]
Eum: [Ac][Qc]

Sung spiked a two outer on the turn to leave Eum drawing dead to an ace. The [6s] came instead, and Sung doubled up to over 52 million. He now has over half the chips in play, while Eum is left with just 5.8 million as we are about to go up to an 600,000 big blind.

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