Daily Tournaments

Friday, September 1, 2017

Phil Hellmuth Eliminated in 2nd Place ($364,370)

Right after taking a big hit, Phil Hellmuth gets his last five million in preflop [Ah][Kd]. He is in great shape to even things up again, as he is dominating the [Kc][Qs] of Art Papazyan. However, the flop of [Qh][10h][8c] changed everything, as Papazyan shot out to the lead. The [5h] on the turn gave Hellmuth some extra outs, as a river heart would do now. However, the [3s] completed the board, sealing the victory for Art Papazyan.

Phil Hellmuth will have to settle for $364,370, and will have to wait for another day to earn his first WPT title.

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