Daily Tournaments

Daily Tournaments

Thursday, March 16, 2017

A Few Fresh Counts In the $50,000 Guaranteed

Blinds: 3,000-6,000 Average: 170,000 Players Left: 36

Thu Nguyen - 260,000
Nikhil Gera - 180,000
Brett Murray - 85,000
Sean Yu - 80,000
Anthony Pitesa - 60,000

Nearly 500 Players in the Facebook Event

We have 455 players and counting in today's $75 Facebook Exclusive Event, and time is running out for you to come and enter. Registration is open until about 8:30 PM, so make sure you join us before the doors close.

Special Prize For All Mega Millions Day 2 Qualifiers

We have some exciting news for all players who are planning to play the upcoming Mega Millions here at the Bike! Tournament Director Mo Fathipour has just told us that, in addition to the $1,000 payout, every player who qualifies for the Mega Millions Day 2 will also be given a customized portable phone charger (seen above). This will be the perfect gift for all the Los Angeles poker grinders out there who are looking for that extra boost while at the table.

Your first chance to grab one of these is tomorrow at 11:30 AM. Good luck players!

Some Player Photos From Today's $50,000 Guaranteed Event

Sean Yu 

Eugene Tito

Nikhil Gera

Dave Banerjee

Ben Chung

Danny Illingworth

Final Payouts For the $50,000 Guaranteed Event

Today's $50,000 Guaranteed Event drew a total of 253 players, falling just short of the $50,000 Guaranteed mark. The Bike will be kicking in the change to cover that number, and the top 27 players will be making the money tonight. First place will take home $14,250. Good luck players!

1. $14,250
2. $8,125
3. $4,875
4. $3,710
5. $2,855
6. $2,255
7. $1,790
8. $1,375
9. $1,060
10-12. $770
13-15. $640
16-18. $545
19-21. $470
22-24. $420
25-27. $390