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Friday, March 17, 2017

Mark Hamilton Bags the Early Chip Lead

The first flight of Mega Millions XVI is in the books, and seasoned veteran Mark Hamilton is in the early pole position with a stack of 560,500. Rounding out the top three are Michael Brandon (399,500), and Douglas Jefferson (348,500).

Stay tuned for a full list of survivors from all three flights today, and don't forget that you next chance to qualify will be tomorrow at 11:30 AM. 

Some Chip Counts in the $550 Session

Blinds: 1,000-2,000 Players Left: 30 Average: 80,000

Nipun Java - 122,000
Lawrence Ma - 115,000
Harry Arutyunyan - 105,000
Frank Lin - 62,000
Phil Laak - 52,000
Peter Hengsakul - 42,000

By the Numbers: Final Flight of the Day

The third and final flight of the day drew 160 players, meaning the top 16 players will finish in the money, and the top eight will make the finals. That means that after one day of qualifying, 27 players will have punched a ticket to the Day 2 finals.

1-8. Advance to Day 2
9-12. $400
13-16. $300

What's On Tap: Saturday, March 18th

Tomorrow's schedule will be a carbon copy of today's with three more Mega Millions qualifying sessions starting up at 11:30 AM, 2 PM, and 4 PM. The first and last will each be the $160 buy-in variety, while the afternoon session will have a buy-in of $550. Registration for all three flights will be open for three hours.

The weekend flights usually draw the biggest crowds, so make sure you don't miss out on your shot!

Congratulations to Mark Peckham, Winner of the $50,000 Guaranteed Event

Earlier today, Mark Peckham (pictured above), finished on top of the field in the $50,000 Guaranteed Event, taking home over $12,000 after him and Donald Garrett agreed to a deal heads-up. Below you will see how the rest of the final table played out. Congratulations to Mark Peckhamn, and everyone else who cashed in the event!

1. Mark Peckham - *$12,175
2. Donald Garrett - *$10,000
3. Bryce Hampton Carroll-Coe - $4,875
4. Xiaoting Zhang - $3,710
5. Harford Le - $2,855
6. Fredrick Arni - $2,255
7. Joseph Bieker - $1,790
8. James Pezeshkan - $1,375
9. Hrachik Javakhyan - $1,060

*Final Two Players Altered the Payouts

First Mega Millions Session in the Money

After a lightning quick hand-for-hand session, we have reached the final 18 players in the opening flight. Amongst those who have made the money tonight, locking up at least $300, are Cody Shedd, Mark Hamilton, and Tommy San.

Stay tuned to find out who bags the early chip lead, and who will punch the earliest possible ticket to the Day 2 finals.

By the Numbers: First $550 Flight

The first afternoon $550 flight drew a total of 95 players, meaning that the top ten from this session will be joining the final table of nine from the first session of the day in the finals. Registration is still open until the top of the hour for the third flight of the day. If you can't make it out for these flights, we have three more coming up tomorrow. Good luck!

1-10th. Advance to Day 2

A Few Photos From The Opening Session of the Day

We have a few more player photos for you guys, this time from our opening $160 session. Former Mega Millions winner Sarkis Keshishian is here, hoping to become the first two-time champion of the event. We also found Cody Shedd, who has made multiple Mega Millions final tables here at the Bike. Check out their photos, and a few more, below.

Mark Hamilton

Joel Kop

Sarkis Keshishian

Cody Shedd

By the Numbers: Opening Flight of the Mega Millions

The first of over two dozen qualifying heats in this massive Mega Millions Event drew 184 players. The top 18 will be cashing, with the final table of nine moving on to the finals in two weeks. Check below for a breakdown of the payouts, and don't forget that the second session of the day is already underway!

1-9. Advance to Day 2
10-14. $400
15-18. $300

Some Photos From the $550 Session

We have a few photos for you guys from the afternoon $550 session. Blaise Hom is fresh off a deep run in the Circuit Main Event here, while Sameer Aljanedi is looking for another final table after finishing in 9th place in the High Roller Event. We also spotted Massoud Eskandari, who was part of the three way chop in the first ever So Cal Poker Championship Main Event in December!

Peter Hengsakul

Blaise Hom

Lawrence Ma

Sameer Aljanedi

Massoud Eskandari

Third Flight of the Day Has Started

The third and final starting flight from this opening day of the Mega Millions has just kicked off here in the tournament room. The first $160 flight drew 184 players, and we are expecting a similar number for this flight. Registration will be open until 7 PM, and while the top 10% will be cashing, only the final 5% will be making the finals.

Good luck everyone!

Over 60 Players in the $550 Session

We are approaching the two hour mark in the first $550 session of this Mega Millions, and 64 players have entered so far. Registration will be open until 5 PM, with the top 10% punching an early Day 2 ticket for this massive event.

First $550 Flight Now Underway

The first of a few $550 Day 1 sessions in this Mega Millions tournament has just kicked off here in the tournament area. Players will be starting with 25,000 in chips, and the top 10% will be moving on to the finals in two weeks. Registration will be open until the start of Level 7, or until about 5 PM.

Good luck everyone!

WSOPC Event #22 Return List

Cards in the Air: First Flight of Mega Million XVI

It's that time of year again here at the Bicycle Casino. For the 16th time, the Mega Millions will be starting up here at the Winnin O' the Green Series. In case you aren't familiar with Mega Millions, here's how it works.

Over the next two weeks, players will be competing in a series of flights, with buy-ins ranging from $160 to $550. For the $160 flights, the top 5% will be making the finals, while the top 10% will advance from the $550 flights. All of those survivors will combine with those who elect to buy-in directly on Day 2 for $4,300 to make the final field on Tuesday, March 28th.

The first flight has just started up, and it's one of the $160 flights. Players in this flight will have an optional $100 add-on to earn themselves an extra 8,000 in chips. Registration will be open until 2:30 PM. If this is too early for you, we have a $550 flight at 2 PM, and another $160 flight at 4 PM. Good luck all!