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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Scott Jay Bags Half a Million and the Chip Lead in the 11:30 Flight

We have just reached the final 11 players in the opening flight of the day, and Scott Jay (pictured above) has bagged up the biggest stack with 505,000. Mark Hamilton bagged over 550,000 in this same session yesterday. Stay tuned for a full list of qualifier so far, and good luck to the 11 new qualifiers!

Payouts For the 4 PM Session

The third and final session of the day drew 225 players, meaning that 11 more tickets will be punched from that flight. The final 23 will be making some extra cash in this session.

Remember that your next shot at qualifying for the Mega Millions Day 2 will be tomorrow at 11:30 AM.

1-11. Advance to Day 2
12-17. $400
18-23. $300

Some Chip Counts From the Final Five Tables of the $550

Blinds: 1,200-2,400 Players Left: 45 Average: 68,000

Dana Kellstrom - 165,000
John Hullett - 160,000
David "The Dragon" Pham - 115,000
Gene O'Leary - 110,000
Thomas Zanot - 100,000
Danny Nguyen - 97,000
Nika Futterman - 60,000

The Bubble Has Burst in the First Flight of the Day

After a hand-for-hand bubble that lasted about 30 minutes, we lost two players who will split the 22nd place payout. We have 21 players left, and play will be stopping when we reach the final 11 players.

Now For Some Photos From the 4 PM Session

We have a few snapshots for you guys from the 4 PM session, which is up to 170 players and counting. On this list is local legend Tony Ma, as well as a few other seasoned vets. Check out those players below, and stay tuned for the full payout information when registration closes.

Rubin Chappell

Victor Kruglov

Tony Ma

Kimya Williams

Rupesh Pattni

Official Numbers for the $550 Session

Today's $550 flight drew 122 players, up from the 95 we saw yesterday. That means 12 more Day 2 tickets will be punched in that flight. If you want to play one of these $550 session where the top 10% advance, tomorrow will be your last shot of the weekend. After that, the next $550 session won't be until next Friday.

1-12. Advance to Day 2

Final Starting Session Now Underway

The third and final flight of the day has just kicked off here at the Bicycle Casino, and we are back to the $160 buy-ins. As always, players will have an optional $100 add-on in this event that can be cashed in at any point during registration, which will be open until 7 PM.

We have the same schedule tomorrow, with $160 flights at 11:30 and 4 PM, and our third $550 session starting up at 2 PM.

By the Numbers: First Flight of the Day

Today's first $160 flight drew a total of 215 players. That means that 11 more players from this flight will be joining the 27 who advanced yesterday. The top 22 will finish in the money.

Don't forget that if you missed out on this flight, your next chance will be starting up at 4 PM!

1-11. Advance to Day 2
12-16. $400
17-22. $300

A Few Photos From the $550 Session

We spotted a few familiar faces over in the $550 afternoon flight. Former WPT finalist Aaron Kweskin is here, alongside local pro Lawrence Ma. We also spotted one of the Le siblings, Hai Le, and a couple other local notables.

Gene O'Leary

Aaron Kweskin and Lawrence Ma

Thomas Zanot

Adam Weinraub

Hai Le

Over 70 Players in the $550 Session

Today's afternoon $550 session has draw 77 players so far, and with registration open until 5 PM today, we should get over 100 players in that session. Remember that in these flights, the top 10% of players will be cashing and moving on to the finals in a couple of weeks.

Time for Another $550 Session

It's time to kick off our second $550 qualifying flight here in the 16th installment of the Mega Millions. Yesterday saw 95 players come out for the first one of these buy-ins, and we fully expect today's flight to be bigger than that one. Registration will remain open until 5 PM today, so be sure to come on down and join us before then!

Cards in the Air: First Flight of the Day

Happy Saturday everyone! We pick up the action once again in this Mega Millions with three more starting sessions, the first of which has just kicked off here in the tournament room. The buy-in for this one is $160, with an optional $100 add-on that can be cashed in anytime in the first six levels. Registration will be open until 2:30 PM today.

If this session is too early for you, we have a $550 session at 2 PM, and another $160 session starting up at 4 PM today. It should be a great day of poker, so come join us!