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Monday, March 27, 2017

First Session in the Books With Juan Godinez in the Lead

It was a neck and neck race for the chip lead in this opening flight, but it was Juan Godinez (pictured above) who would emerge as the top dog of this 14 player list. thanks to a late charge. He bagged up 380,000 in chips, and will be in good shape for tomorrow's finals at 1 PM.

Be sure to come back in the morning for a final list of survivors, and don't forget that the action picks up again at 1 PM tomorrow, when the highly anticipated Day 2 of the Mega Millions starts up!

Cards in the Air: $460 Mega Satellite

We wanted to make sure you guys knew that tonight's $460 satellite, which will be guaranteeing at least three $4,300 Day 2 buy-in seats for tomorrow, has just kicked off. Players will be starting with 10,000 in chips tonight, and registration will be open until 10:05 PM. Click here for a full structure of this satellite, and don't forget that this is the only one where three seats are guaranteed!

Some Notable Chip Stacks In the $550 Session

Blinds: 1,500-3,000 Average: 92,000 Players Left: 54

Harry Arutyunyan - 150,000
Frank Lin - 140,000
Hunter Moss - 62,000
Matt Schultz - 60,000
Brian Bumpas - 58,000

First Session in the Money Now

After hand-for-hand play that lasted about half an hour, we are in the money in the opening session. The final 27 players have all locked up $300, but they all have their eyes set on the top 14 spots that will be advancing to tomorrow's finals.

Stay tuned to find out who bags the most chips from this flight.

Final Day 1 Session Closed

The 4 PM session has just closed it's doors for registration, and it drew a tournament high 351 players. With those buy-ins taken into account, the prizepool is now up to over $1.4 million. With the Day 2 buy-ins tomorrow still to come, we anticipate a prizepool of about $1.8 million. Here is how the payouts will be handled for this final session.

1-20. Advance to Day 2
21-26. $400
27-35. $300

Nearly 200 Players Registered in the $550 Session

The afternoon $550 session drew a whopping 193 players, by far the biggest turnout for that buy-in level in this event. That means that 19 more Day 2 tickets will be punched from that flight. We have just one more Day 1 qualifying session, but don't forget that we also have a $460 buy-in mega satellites tonight at 8:30 PM where at least three Day 2 buy-in seats are guaranteed.

1-19. Advance to Day 2

More Details on the Direct Day 2 Buy-in Tomorrow

With Day 2 of the Mega Millions coming up tomorrow, we wanted to make sure we posted some more details about the Day 2 buy-in option for anyone who wants to come out and join us.

The day will be kicking off at 1 PM. If you would like to buy-in directly, it will be $4,300. Players will be allowed to buy-in directly until the start of the third level, or until 3 PM local time. You are allowed to re-enter one time for $4,300 if you are eliminated, and this applies to Day 1 qualifiers as well. All levels tomorrow will be 50 minutes long, with hour long levels from then on.

All tables will have three seats empty for the Day 2 buy-ins, and those players will be assigned randomly as they come in.

Players who finish in the top 33% will be in the money, earning a min cash of around $1,000. You can view the structure below, and know that Day 2-4 will all be starting up at 1 PM. Good luck everyone!

A Few Player Photos From Our Final $550 Session

We have a few player photos for you guys from our big final $550 session. Former WPT500 winner Craig Varnell is here looking to make another major final table in a massive field event. Speaking of final tabling big events, former November Niner Patrick Chan is two seats to his left. Check out their photos, and a few more, below, as we continue this final day of Mega Millions qualifying!

Aaron Kweskin

Craig Varnell

Patrick Chan

Matt Schultz

Eric Hershler

Cards in the Air: Final Day 1 Qualifying Session

This is it ladies and gentlemen! After nearly two weeks of qualifying heats, the final Day 1 session has just started up here at the Bike. Just like the other 4 PM sessions, the buy-in will be $160, with an optional $100 add-on. Registration will remain open until 7 PM tonight, and the final 5% will be making the finals.

Remember that we also have a $460 buy-in satellite tonight at 8:30 that will be guaranteeing three Day 2 buy-in $4,300 seats.

Big Numbers for the Final $550 Session

We are on the first break of the final $550 session, and while previous sessions like this have usually had just under 100 players at this point in the flight, this final session already has 126 and counting. Remember that the top 10% will be qualifying from this heat, so this could be a great chance to punch that last minute ticket to the finals tomorrow.

By the Numbers: First Flight of the Final Day 1

Time is running out if you haven't locked up your Day 2 seat here at the Mega Millions! The first session of the day is in the books with 272 players registered. That means that the top 27 will be making the money, with the final 14 players moving on to the finals tomorrow to battle it out for this massive first place prize.

Remember that registration is open in our last $550 session until 5 PM, and the final $160 session of the tournament starts up at 4 PM. Good luck players!

1-14. Advance to Day 2
15-20. $400
21-27. $300

Final $550 Session of Mega Millions XVI

As the title indicates, we have just started up our final $550 session of this 16th Mega Millions tournament. The top 10% will be joining the rest of the survivors in the Day 2 finals, which will be starting up at 1 PM tomorrow. First place in this event should be over $250,000, so if you haven't gotten your Day 2 seat yet, be sure to come join us for this flight!

Good luck all!

Final Day of Mega Millions Qualifying Now Underway

Nearly two weeks of Mega Millions qualifying heats are about to wrap up, as we just started up the final day of Day 1 qualifying. You should know the drill by now. The buy-in for this flight will be $160, and all players will have an optional $100 add-on. Registration will stay open until 2:30 PM.

If you aren't able to make it out for this flight, we also have a $550 session at 2 PM, and one last $160 session starting at 4 PM. Good luck all!