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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Some Fresh Counts From the Final Nine Tables

Blinds: 20,000-40,000 Players Left: 81 Average: 1.25 million

Ron West - 2.9 million
David Malka - 2.7 million
Kevin French - 2.7 million
Gary Sewell - 2.5 million
Peter Hengsakul - 2.2 million
Massoud Eskandari - 1.9 million
Chris Klodnicki - 1.2 million
Nam Le - 1 million
Jordan Cristos - 825,000
Sang Yi - 525,000

The 100,000 Chips Are in Play

While the remaining players were on their latest break, the floor staff colored up the 1,000 chips, and introduced the pink 100,000 chips. We have 88 players left, and the average stack right now is 1.15 million. We will be playing three more levels tonight before the chips go into the bag.

Fresh Chip Counts From The Final 90

Blinds: 15,000-30,000 Players Left: 90 Average: 1.13 million

David Malka - 3.2 million
Gary Sewell - 2.5 million
Jesse Martin - 1.95 million
Massoud Eskandari - 1.5 million
Alex Massman - 1.45 million
Turbo Nguyen - 1.3 million
Ron West - 1.2 million
Jordan Cristos - 1.15 million
Gordon Vayo - 880,000

Less Than 100 Players Left

We are down to just 98 players in this Mega Millions Day 2. The average stack is just over one million, and it looks like the chip leader, David Malka, has about 3.3 million.

We just started Level 10, and we will be playing through Level 13 tonight.

Former Legends of Poker Champion Jordan Cristos Doubles Up

Jordan Cristos was getting short when he got his final 250,000 and change in preflop, and he was called by Craig Varnell, who easily had him covered.

Cristos: [Js][Jh]
Varnell: [10s][10c]

Cristos was in great shape, and he strengthened that lead after the flop of [8h][5h][7h]. Cristos had the only heart, meaning Varnell was looking for a one outer. The [6s] on the turn gave him some straight outs, but the [Kh] on the river gave improved Cristos to an unneeded flush.

Blinds: 12,000-24,000

Craig Varnell - 1.7 million
Jordan Cristos - 580,000

Sang Yi The Last Former Champion Still Alive

Former Mega Millions champions Boris Goldstein and Sarkis Keshishian were knocked out before the money, leaving reigning champion Sang Yi as the only player left who came claim this title for the second time. Yi has a below average stack of 520,000, but with the blinds only at 12,000-24,000, he still has plenty of room to work with.

Time For Another Break

We are eight levels into play tonight, and the remaining 125 players are taking another break. Right now, Craig Varnell, David Malka, and Wing Ng are neck and neck for the chip lead, as all three players have over two million. Malka and Varnell are seated at a stacked table that also includes former Legends of Poker Champion Jordan Cristos, as well as tough local players Mark Hamilton and Ron West.

The Bubble Has Burst

We are down to the final 135 players, which means we are officially in the money here on this Day 2. Everyone still in has locked up at least $1,200, but everyone has their sights set on a prize much bigger than that. We have five and a half levels left to play tonight, so we still have plenty of poker coming for you guys tonight. Stay tuned!

Some Fresh Chippies For You Guys

Blinds: 8,000-16,000 Players Left: 160 Average: 640,000

David Malka - 1.9 million
Craig Varnell - 1.55 million
Alex Massman - 1.2 million
Ron West - 1.02 million
Harry Arutyunyan - 880,000
Massoud Eskandari - 750,000

Aces Get Wing Ng Up to Two Million

We just heard about an interesting hand that saw local player Wing Ng taken a massive pot to take the chip lead with two million. According to tablemate Dana Kellstrom, here's what happened.

The action started with a raise from under the gun. It folded around to the small blind, who put out a call. However, he quickly changed his mind, according to Kellstrom, and then announced all in. Because he had already put the call out, it was deemed a call, and from the big blind, Wing Ng shoved all in, having both players easily covered. The original raiser folded, but the small blind called off for his final 600,000 with pocket sevens. They were no good, as Ng had pocket aces, and his rockets would hold up on the five card run out.

This pot gets Ng to almost exactly two million, and he holds the chip lead now with 170 players left.

The Money Bubble Approaches as We Go on Break #3

Players are taking their third break of the day right now, and we have 170 players remaining. Only 135 of them will be locking up a min-cash of $1,200, meaning we should be in the money sometime in the next two levels.

We will go around the room when the players return and get some more fresh chip stacks for you guys then.

Some Notable Big Stacks With 200 Remaining

Blinds: 6,000-12,000 Players Left: 200 Average: 505,000

David Malka - 1.7 million
Craig Varnell - 1.2 million
Alex Massman  - 1.15 million
Chris Klodnicki - 1.1 million
Harry Arutyunyan - 1.05 million
Chris Demaci - 1.04 million
John Cynn - 860,000
Bryce Yockey - 810,000
Gordon Vayo - 740,000
Jordan Cristos - 720,000

David Malka Leads The Way on Second Break

We have reached the second break of the day, and the clock is showing 240 players left. Right now the chip leader looks to be David Malka, who won the WSOPC High Roller Event here in March of last year. Malka has about 1.6 million right now, nearly four times the posted average.

We need to lose just over 100 more people to get into the money tonight. Stay tuned for more updates as we go!

Three Former Mega Millions Champions Still In

We took a quick walk through the field and spotted three former winners of this event trying to become the first two time winners. One of those is reigning champion Sang Yi, who has the biggest stack of the three with 380,000. Sarkis Keshishian (170,000), and Boris Goldstein (125,000), are the other two former champions still alive. We will be keeping tabs on these three as the night progresses.

By the Numbers: Final Payouts For Mega Millions XVI

We had a grand total of 108 players buy-in today for $4,300, making for a grand total of $1,854,688 in the prizepool. The final 135 players today will be in the money, all locking up at least $1,200. The final 21 players will lock up a five-figure payday, and first place will be worth a whopping $311,328. Scroll down for a full breakdown of the payouts, and good luck to everyone still in.

1. $311,328
2. $167,625
3. $109,935
4. $82,065
5. $63,210
6. $49,310
7. $38,765
8. $30,450
9. $23,400
10-12. $17,015
13-15. $14,320
16-18. $12,670
19-21. $11,160
22-24. $9,680
25-27. $8,240
28-36. $6,875
37-45. $5,545
46-54. $4,400
55-63. $3,285
64-72. $2,655
73-81. $2,165
82-90. $1,845
91-99. $1,580
100-108. $1,395
109-117. $1,315
118-126. $1,245
127-135. $1,200

Cards in the Air: Opening Flight of the $200,000 Guaranteed Event

We wanted to make sure that you guys knew that our post Mega Millions event has just started up here at the Bike. It is a $200,000 Guaranteed Monster Stack Event. Day 1 flights will be played out today, tomorrow, and Thursday, with the finals starting up on Friday. The Day 1 buy-in will be $245, and the Day 2 buy-in is $1,400. Good luck players!

A Few Updated Big Stacks

Blinds: 3,000-6,000 Players Left: 303 Average: 335,000

Michael Brown - 1.32 million
Xinli Ye - 1.15 million
Kevin French - 960,000
Mehrzad Sadeghi - 850,000
Chris Demaci - 820,000
Massoud Eskandari - 700,000

Updated Numbers On This Day 2

We just checked in with the floor staff to get an update on some of the key numbers in this Day 2 restart. Right now, we have 334 players who are still in the event. We have had a total of 98 Day 2 buy-ins so far, meaning that the overall prizepool is just over $1.8 million.

We have half an hour left in registration, which means we will get over 100 Day 2 buy-ins, and that the prize pool will get close to $2 million overall.

Some of the Players Who Brought In Today

We have nearly 100 Day 2 buy-ins so far today in the Mega Millions Day 2, and that number will only be growing, as late registration is open until the top of the hour. Below you will see some of the players who exercised that option. Dyland Wilkerson and Toby Lewis earned big scores here earlier this month when they finished 1st and 2nd in the WSOPC Main Event.

Speaking of 1st and 2nd, we also spotted the top two finishers of the SCPC Event last December, Tim Cramer and Danny Illingworth. Illingworth took his seat first, and Cramer came in to fill the seat next to him after that player busted out. Check out their photos below, and stay tuned for more information, including the final number of Day 2 buy-ins, and official prize pool!

Dylan Wilkerson

Toby Lewis

Tim Cramer and Danny Illingworth

Isaac Baron

Jesse Martin

Jordan Cristos

The Big Stacks to Start Day 2

Chris Demaci - 825,000

Gregory Fishberg - 801,500

Mehrzad Sadeghi - 799,000

Michael Brown - 756,500

Kevin French - 746,500

Cards in the Air: Day 2 of the Mega Millions

The eagerly anticipated Day 2 of the Mega Million has just started up here at the Bicycle Casino. Right now, we have 75 players who have exercised their option to buy in on Day 2, but the line for the cage is 15 people deep, so that number will be going up throughout the registration period, which ends at 3 PM. We will be here all day to provide you guys with live updates, so make sure you don't go anywhere!

Mega Millions XVI Day 2 Return List & Mega Satellite Points List FINAL Standings