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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Congratulations to Jonas Hagstrom, Winner of Mega Millions XVI ($311,328)

The 16th Mega Millions final table is in the books, and it is Swedish pro Jonas Hagstrom who emerged victorious in the massive field. Hagstrom took advantage of his chance to buy-in on Day 2, and turned $4,300 into $311,328.  It is by far his biggest live cash, and one that he says might force him to go out to Las Vegas for more live tournaments at the WSOP this summer. Check out a full breakdown of how the final table panned out below, and come back tomorrow for a full winner's interview with our champion.

Congratulations again to Jonas Hagstrom, and thanks to everyone who came out to play this massive event!

1. Jonas Hagstrom - $311,328
2. Xiao Ruan - $167,625
3. Massoud Eskandari - $109,935
4. Larry Serebryany - $82,065
5. Benjamin Nguyen - $63,210
6. Keyue Wang - $49,310
7. Benjamin Chan - $38,765
8. Bhagwan Tejwani - $30,450
9. Raz Mael - $23,400

Xiao Ruan Eliminated in 2nd Place ($167,625), Jonas Hagstrom is the Winner!

Jonas Hagstrom moved all in from the small blind, and Xiao Ruan quickly called off his final 12 big blinds when he saw his cards.

Hagstrom: [Kd][3d]
Ruan: [10c][10s]

The flop of [Qd][Js][5d] gave Hagstrom a flush draw, and the [3s] on the turn gave him a few more outs. The river brought the [Kh], giving Hagstrom two pair, and the winning hand.

Hagstrom yelled in joy as he ran to his friends on the rail to celebrate. Ruan will take home $167,625 for his efforts, but the lion's share of the prize pool is going to Hagstrom, who will take home $311,328.

Massoud Eskandari Eliminated in 3rd Place ($109,935)

Massoud Eskandari moved all in for his final 26 million from the button, and Jonas Hagstrom called as soon as he saw his cards.

Hagstrom: [Ah][Kh]
Eskandari: [9h][9d]

The flop came down [Jd][10h][5d], giving Hagstrom a queen for an out, and running hearts as well. He wouldn't need them, as the [Ad] came on the turn. This did give Eskandari flush draw outs now, but the [8c] came instead.

This gets us to heads up play. Hagstrom has about 80 million to the 22 million of Xiao Ruan.

Hagstrom Doubles Into the Chip Lead

Xiao Ruan shoved all in from the small blind, having Jonas Hagstrom covered in the big blind. Hagstrom looked at his cards, and immediately called.

Hagstrom: [Kd][Ks]
Ruan: [Ad][2h]

Ruan paired up on the flop, but it wasn't the pair he was hoping for, as the flop came [Qh][4c][2c]. The [5s] on the turn gave Ruan a few more outs, but the [7d] on the river wasn't one of those cards.

Hagstrom doubles up to 44 million, while Ruan drops to 28.5 million.

No Deal Made

The final three players took a look at the numbers, both with the full amount, and with 10% taken out to play for, but they couldn't agree to a deal, so we play on! Here are exact updated chip counts again.

Blinds: 750,000-1,500,000

Xiao Ruan - 48.1 million
Massoud Eskandari - 29.6 million
Jonas Hagstro - 24.7 million

Larry Serebryany Eliminated in 4th Place ($82,065)

Xiao Ruan raised to 3.5 million, and Larry Serebryany moved all in for 11.15 more. It folded back to Ruan, who got the count, then made the call.

Ruan: [Ad][Js]
Serebryany: [Ah][6d]

The flop of [9h][2c][2s] brought some chop possibilites for Serebryany, but he wouldn't get any more help, as the turn came the [3d], and the river the [Qd].

The final three players are now looking at the numbers for a chip chop. Here is how they stack up right now.

Xiao Ruan - 48.1 million
Massoud Eskandari - 29.6 million
Jonas Hagstrom - 24.7 million

Ruan Doubles Through Serebryany

Massoud Eskandari raised to 2.5 million on the button, and Xiao Ruan moved all in for 15.35 million in the small blind. From the big blind, Larry Serebryany moved all in over the top. Eskandari folded, and the cards were on their backs.

Ruan: [Ac][3c]
Serebryany: [Ad][Jd]

A three popped right into the window on the flop of [Qs][10c][3h], and Serebryany was now looking for a king or a jack. The [6d] came on the turn, and the [5s] completed the board. Serebryany collapsed on the floor in disbelief as most of his chips went to Ruan, who now has the chip leader.

Xiao Ruan - 33 million
Larry Serebryany - 6 million

Hagstrom Wins Big Pot Without Showdown

Jonas Hagstrom raised to 2.5 million on the button, and Xiao Ruan defended his big blind. The flop came down [Kh][Qs][Jd], and Ruan led out for 2.5 million. Hagstrom called, and the turn brought the [9c]. Ruan fired out again, 4 million this time, and again, Hagstrom stuck around.

The river was the [7s], and this time, Ruan checked. Hagstrom counted out his stack, before announcing a bet of 4.2 million. It only took Ruan a few moments to fold, and Hagstrom dragged the pot, upping him to second in chips.

Jonas Hagstrom - 27.8 million
Xiao Ruan - 15 million

Fresh Counts From Our Final Four On Break

Blinds: 600,000-1,200,000

Massoud Eskandari - 47.5 million
Jonas Hagstrom - 19.3 million
Larry Serebryany - 17.5 million
Xiao Ruan - 17.1 million

Benjamin Nguyen Eliminated in 5th Place ($63,210)

Benjamin Nguyen was all in preflop for his final 1.35 million, and both blinds called: Larry Serebryany and Jonas Hagstrom. They would check down a board of [Ks][Jd][10d][8c][Ah], and Serebryany showed [Ad][9s] for a rivered pair of aces.

Hagstrom had just five high, and Nguyen shook his head before showing [10s][9c].  The river did him in, but Nguyen will still go home with $63,000 and change.

Keyue Wang Eliminated in 6th Place ($49,310)

Xiao Ruan raised to 2 million from early position, and Jonas Hagstrom moved all in for 9.6 million. It folded to Keyue Wang in the big blind, who had just under Hagstrom's total. Wang tanked for about a minute before calling, and Ruan folded, showing the [As].

Hagstrom: [Ac][Ah]
Wang: [Ad][Ks]

It was poor timing for Wang, who wouldn't catch any miracles, as the board ran down [7h][5h][7c][2s][7d]. Hagstrom is now second in chips with 25 million, while Wang will have to settle for just under $50,000.

Massoud Eskandari Has Half the Chips In Play

Blinds: 500,000-1,000,000 Average: 17 million

Massoud Eskandari - 46 million
Xiao Ruan - 15 million
Keyue Wang - 12.6 million
Larry Serebryany - 9.3 million
Jonas Hagstrom - 8.5 million
Benjamin Nguyen - 3 million

Wang Doubles Through Nguyen

Action started with Keyue Wang moving all in under the gun for 6.1 million total. It folded all the around to Benjamin Nguyen, who tanked for about three-four minutes before the clock was called. With about five seconds left in the clock, he made the call. 

Wang: [Qd][10c]
Nguyen: [As][3c]

Nguyen's weak ace was in the lead, but that would change after the flop came down [Kc][Qc][3h]. Wang took the lead, and she would hold the lead on the [4c] turn and the [10h] river.

Wang doubles up to 12.6 million, while Nguyen is now our short stack with 6.3 million.

Benjamin Chan Eliminated in 7th Place ($38,765)

After a raise from Massoud Eskandari, Benjamin Chan moved all in for 5.75 million more. It folded back around to Eskandari, who thought it over a bit before calling.

Eskandari: [Ac][10h]
Chan: [Kh][Js]

Two face cards came on the flop, but they were both queens: [Qh][Qd][2d]. The [6d] came on the turn, and neither player had a diamond. The [4s] completed the board, and Eskandari increased his chip lead.

Massoud Eskandari - 34.5 million
Benjamin Chan - Out

Shoves on Back-to-Back Hands, No Calls

The action is picking up right now, as the stacks are getting shallow. We just saw shoves on back-to-back hands, but no callers.

The first hand saw Benjamin Chan and Benjamin Nguyen go heads up to a flop of [10c][9s][6s]. Nguyen checks to Chan, who moved all in for 5.15 million. Nguyen tanked for about 4 minutes before the clock was called, and during the 10 second countdown, Nguyen folded.

On the next hand, Massoud Eskandari made it 2 million to go, and Jonas Hagstrom moved all in for 7.9 million total. Eskandari tanked for a while himself before folding, leaving us still seven handed. Here's how those four players stack up after those hands.

Massoud Eskandari - 23 million
Benjamin Nguyen - 18 million
Jonas Hagstrom - 12 million
Benjamin Chan - 9.75 million

Last $200,000 Guaranteed Flight Now Underway

Don't forget that we still have our $200,000 Guaranteed Event going on in the tournament room, and this is your last chance to qualify for tomorrow's finals. Registration will stay open for this flight until 7 PM tonight, and the top 12% of players will be cashing and moving on to the finals tomorrow.

Good luck all!

First Break Sees Ruan and Eskandari Neck and Neck for the Lead

In the first two levels and change of the day, we lost Raz Mael to an ugly runnout, and we also lost Bhagwan Tejwani. That leaves us with seven players, and at the moment, Xiao Ruan and Massoud Eskandari are both sitting on about 21 million.

We are coming back to the 400,000-800,000 level. The short stack right now is Larry Serebryany, who has about 6.5 million.

Bhagwan Tejwani Eliminated in 8th Place ($30,450)

Xiao Ruan limped in from under the gun, and it folded to Bhagwan Tejwani, who moved all in for 2.925 million total. It folded back around to Ruan, who called when he got the total.

Ruan: [8d][8s]
Tejwani: [7h][7s]

The board ran down [9d][3s][2c][10s][5h], and the eights held to give Ruan a nice pot, and get us down to just seven players.

Xian Ruan - 13 million
Bhagwan Tejwani - Out

Ruan Doubles Through Nugyen

Xiao Ruan moved all in for his final 4.15 million, and Benjamin Nguyen called to put him at risk.

Ruan: [Ah][Ad]
Nguyen: [Kc][Qs]

It was a dream time for Ruan to pick up aces, as he was on the short stack. His hand got even stronger after the flop of [Ac][9s][7d], and a three on the turn ended things.

Benjamin Nguyen - 16.5 million
Xiao Ruan - 8.7 million

Fresh Stacks From the Final Eight

Blinds: 300,000-600,000 Average Stack: 12.7 million

Massoud Eskandari - 30.3 million
Benjamin Nguyen - 21 million
Keyue Wang - 16 million
Jonas Hagstrom - 12 million
Larry Serebryany - 10 million
Benjamin Chan - 7 million
Bhagwan Tejwani - 4.25 million
Xiao Ruan  4.2 million

Raz Mael Eliminated in 9th Place ($23,400)

After a raise from Keyue Wang, Raz Mael shoved all in for about a min raise more. It folded around to Wang, and she called, only to see the bad news.

Wang: [Qc][Jc]
Mael: [Qd][Qs]

The flop of [Js][6c][4d] gave Wang some hope, and the [Ac] on the turn gave her a flush draw as well. The [9c] did come on the river, drawing an audible reaction from the entire table.

Wang is up to 13.6 million after that, while Mael is the first player out at this final table.

Slow, Passive Play So Far

We haven't seen many showdowns so far in the first hour plus of action so far at this final table. Short stack Raz Mael did shove once, and he got no callers. Massoud Eskandari is still the healthy chip leader, while Benjamin Nguyen has strengthened his positioning in second.

Final Day of Mega Millions Now Underway

And then there were nine. We have reached the final table of the 16th Mega Millions, and the cards are now in the air. Bicycle Casino regular Massoud Eskandari is in the lead with over 22 million. Below you will see the seating chart for today's final table. We will be here all day to provide you guys with updates on the bustouts and big double ups, so make sure you don't go anywhere!

Seat 1: Larry Serebryany - 9.875 million
Seat 2: Raz Mael - 4.15 million (short stack)
Seat 3: Bhagwan Tejwani - 6.625 million
Seat 4: Jonas Hagstrom - 11.975 million
Seat 5: Benjamin Nguyen - 14.050 million
Seat 6: Keyue Wang - 9.625 million
Seat 7: Massoud Eskandari - 22.85 million (chip leader)
Seat 8: Benjamin Chan - 12.7 million
Seat 9: Xiao Ruan - 10.5 million

Another Day of $200,000 Guaranteed Action Has Started

It's time for another flight in this $200,000 Guaranteed Event. So far, Michael Ung leads the 55 Day 2 qualifiers with a huge stack of 640,500. He has nearly 200,000 more than the second biggest stack.

Registration for this flight will be open today until 2:30 PM, so make sure you come out and join us. The Day 2 finals will be starting up tomorrow at 1 PM. Good luck all!

Mega Millions XVI Final Table

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