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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

By the Numbers: Final $100k Session

The eighth and final qualifying session for the $100,000 Guaranteed Event was one of the biggest, as it drew 202 players. That means that 20 more players will be moving on to the finals tomorrow.

When you combine the numbers from the previous six flights, we will have 127 qualifiers coming back tomorrow, with the prize pool currently sitting at just under $150,000, but that is of course without the Day 2 buy-ins of $1,100 tomorrow adding to the prizepool. The finals start up at 1 PM, and registration for the $1,100 buy-in will be open for the first two hours. Good luck everyone!

1-20. $250 and Advance to Day 2

Some Snapshots From the 4 PM Session

We have a few more player photos from the action for you guys listed below. Boris Goldstein is a former Mega Millions champion who is looking for another major title here at the Bicycle Casino. We also spotted a pair of LA tournament regulars in the field, Haiau Han, and Erich Karle.

Haiau Han

Erich Karle

Boris Goldstein

What's on Tap: Wednesday, June 7th

Tomorrow we have the finals of the $100,000 Guaranteed Event, but that isn't the only poker that will be played. At 4 PM, we have another Survivor Event. The buy-in will be $240, and the top 10% of players, regardless of chip stacks, will all receive $2,000 cash for their efforts. Registration will close in that event at 7 PM, so come on down, rail your friends in the $100k finals, and win some cash of your own!

Details on the Day 2 Buy-in Tomorrow

Don't forget that this tournament is using the Quantum structure, which means that if you haven't managed to qualify for Day 2 through one of our Day 1 sessions, there is still hope for you! Tomorrow, you can buy-in directly for $1,100. This buy-in will get you an average stack of 150,000, with the blinds starting up at 1,200-2,400. All levels tomorrow will be 45 minutes long, and the top 33% of players will be in the money tomorrow.

Just 36 Remain in the Opening Flight

We are getting closer to the bubble in the opening flight of the day, as we are down to the final 36 players. Only the top 17 will be collecting $250 at the end of the day, and moving on to the finals tomorrow. The prize pool should be close to $150,000 before the Day 2 buy-ins kick in, so be sure to come back here tomorrow for all of your updates!

Over 100 Players in the Last $100k Flight

We have just reached the hour mark in the eighth and final flight in this massive prelim event, and the clock says 110 players entered. Registration will be open for two more hours, so you still have time to come on down and join us. The prizepool is over $130,000 and still growing, so you won't want to miss out on this last flight!

The Bicycle Casino Staff Like You've Never Seen Them!

Recently, The Bicycle Casino got the whole staff together to have some fun. We got everyone together, from the tournament staff to the food staff, security, and more, to have a big dance party! Check out the video below for all of the fun, and let us know if you can't stop the feeling!

Cards in the Air: Final $100,000 Guaranteed Flight

This is it ladies and gentlemen! The eighth and final flight of this $100k Guaranteed Event has just kicked off. As of this morning's flight, we are at $125,000, and that number will be going up in this flight, and the $1,100 Day 2 buy-ins tomorrow.

Registration will be open until 7 PM tonight, so make sure you brave the rush hour traffic to come here and try to get your Day 2 seat!

By the Numbers: Flight 1G of the $100k

The first flight of the day drew 173 players, pushing the prize pool up to $125,000 with one more flight to go, as well as the Day 2 buy-ins. That means that 17 more players will be advancing to tomorrow's finals, pushing the number up to 107 and counting.

Your last chance to qualify on Day 1 will be starting up today at 4 PM.

1-17. $250 + Advance to Day 2

Some Player Photos From the Field Today

Below you will see a few of the 173 players who joined us for the opening session. We spotted LA regulars Gladys Landegger, Hermilo Vargas, and Joe Schulman.

Gladys Landegger

Hermilo Vargas

Joe Schulman

Numbers Update on the First Break

The first flight is 90 minutes in, and players are taking their first break of the day. So far, we have over 130 players entered, with registration open for another hour and a half.

If this is too early for you, we have one more flight starting up today at 4 PM, so don't miss it!

The Guarantee Has Been Met!

Coming into today, the prize pool sat at $104,000, meaning that we have passed the first guarantee. On top of that, we still have two more flights today, as well as the Day 2 buy-ins for $1,100 tomorrow. The prize pool should easily get over $150,000 when the dust settles, so make sure you don't miss out on you last chances to qualify today!

Cards in the Air: Final Day of the $100,000 Guaranteed Event

The fourth and final day of qualifying for our first massive guaranteed event of this series has just kicked off! Registration for this morning's flight will be open until 2:30 PM. The top 10% will be moving on to the finals tomorrow, where the winner will be taking home over $20,000!

If this flight is too early for you, your last chance to qualify for the finals will be starting up at 4 PM. Good luck players!

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