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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Congratulations to Shahrokh Behdjou, Winner of the $100,000 Guaranteed Event!

Karlo Gharabegian and Shahrokh Behdjou got all the money in the middle on a flop of [Qh][4s][2c]. Gharabegian held [6c][4c],but he was well behind the [Ad][Qd] of Behdjou. The turn brought the [Ac], meaning Gharabegian could only win with a river four. A jack came instead, and Behdjou claimed the final knockout.

For his efforts, Shahrokh Behdjou will take home just under $34,000, while Gharabegian will have to settle for nearly $25,000. Congratulations to both players on a great run. Don't forget that the $150,000 Guaranteed Event starts up on Saturday. You won't want to miss that one!

Numbers Moved Around a Bit

Karlo Gharabegian and Shahrokh Behdjou have agreed to change the payouts up a bit. Originally, first was getting $37,850, and second $20,690. Now, Gharabegian has locked up $24,700, while Behdjou has $30,000 guaranteed. The two will be playing for the remaining, about $3,800, and the title.

Hermilo Vargas Eliminated in 3rd Place ($14,010)

Hermilo Vargas was in great shape to get a crucial double, getting it in with [Ah][Kh] against the table executioner Shahrokh Behdjou, who had [As][10s]. However, the flop was all Behdjou, coming [Qs][10h][6s]. Vargas now needed a non spade king or jack, but the board finished out [Qd] and [3d].

This leaves us heads up with Behdjou (18 million) and Karlo Gharabegian (6 million). Players are taking a scheduled break before heads up starts.

Abtin Tashakori Eliminated in 4th Place ($10,790)

Abtin Tashakori  moved all in preflop holding [6h][6s], and he was flipping against the [Ac][10h] of chip leader Shahrokh Behdjou. The flop of [As][8h][7d] gave Behdjou the lead, and a miracle six wouldn't come for Tashakori, getting us down to three players.

Exact Counts For the Final Four

The final four players took a look at what a chop would look like, but they couldn't agree to the numbers. One benefit is that we have exact counts for the players left. Those counts are as follows.

Shahrokh Behdjou - 13.3 million
Karlo Gharabegian - 7.025 million
Hermilo Vargas - 2.975 million
Abtin Tashakori - 2.65 million

Nissan Benezra Eliminated in 5th Place ($8,615)

Action started with Shahrokh Behdjou raised to 475,000, and Nissan Benezra reraised to 1.1 million. Behdjou called, and the flop came down [Ad][8s][7s]. Benezra moved all in for 3.275 million, and after some time in the tank, Behdjou called.

Benezra: [9c][8c]
Behdjou: [9d][6d]

The [4h] on the turn changed nothing, but the [5d] river changed everything. It gave Behdjou a winning straight, and gets us down to four players.

The final four are currently looking at the numbers for a chop.

Linh Nguyen Crippled, Eliminated in 6th Place ($6,880)

After losing about half his stack in a pot where he doubled Shahrokh Behdjou, Linh Nguyen got his stack in preflop holding [8s][7s]. Abtin Tashakori came along with [Ac][5c], and he smashed the flop of [Qd][5d][5h]. The [9h] on the turn gave Nguyen a sweat, but the [7h] river didn't bring him help.

Nguyen was left with less than a big blind after that, but he has started to mount a comeback, as he is back up to over a million now at the 200,000 big blind level.

Victor Shalom Eliminated in 7th Place ($5,430)

In the span of two hands, Victor Shalom went from average stack to out. In the first hand, Shalom raised to 600,000 preflop. Only Shahrokh Behdjou called, and the flop came down [Qs][Jd][10c]. Shalom bet nearly enough to put Behdjou all in, and Behdjou quickly moved all in over the top.

Shalom: [Kc][8c]
Behdjou: [Kh][10h]

Another ten on the turn meant Shalom could just chop,  and he whiffed on the river. On the very next hand, he moved all in with [Kh][Qd]. Linh Nguyen put him at risk with [Ad][Jd], and both players would miss the board until an ace on the river for Nguyen.

With that, we are down to just six players.

Fresh Stacks From the Final Seven

Blinds: 75,000-150,000 Average Stack: 3.2 million

Linh Nguyen - 4.8 million
Nissan Benezra - 4.3 million
Hermilo Vargas - 4.3 million
Karlo Gharabegian - 3.8 million
Victor Shalom - 3.1 million
Abtin Tashakori - 2 million
Shahrokh Behdjou - 1.3 million

David Levy Eliminated in 8th Place ($4,165)

David Levy got his chips in the middle holding [Ad][10s], and he was dominated by the [Ah][Qd] of chip leader Nissan Benezra. Both players would flop an ace, but Levy would never catch up with a second pair, knocking us down to our final seven.

Cards in the Air: $75 Facebook Event

It's time for the Facebook Exclusive Event here at the Bicycle Casino! The buy-in today is just $75, and the guarantee is $20,000. All you have to do to be eligible for this event is to like the Bicycle Casino's Facebook page. Registration will be open until 7 PM, so come on out and join us!

Alfred Cho Eliminated in 9th Place ($3,025)

Shortly after being crippled by Shahrokh Behdjou, Alfred Cho was all in from the big blind with [Kc][8h]. Abtin Tashakori put him at risk with [Ad][Qh], and his hand would hold on the runout of [Qd][8c][4h][5s][3d].

This gets us down to our final eight players.

Richard Soliman Eliminated in 10th Place ($1,990)

Richard Soliman moved all in from early position for his final 720,000, and after a couple tank folds, Karlo Gharabegian instantly moved all in over the top. Everyone else folded, and the cards were on their hacks.

Soliman: [Qs][Qd]
Gharabegian: [As][Ad]

The board ran down [10h][9c][4s][Ks][2c], and Soliman became the first causality of the final table.

By the Numbers: $130 Omaha 8 Event

Today's opening event drew 69 players, creating a prize pool of $6,693. The final seven players will finish in the money, with first place taking home $2,408. Check below for a full breakdown of the payouts, and good luck to all those remaining!

1. $2,408
2. $1,450
3. $910
4. $670
5. $510
6. $410
7. $335

Final Table Photos and Updated Chip Stacks

Seat 1: Nissan Benezra - 5.8 million (chip leader)

Seat 2: Richard Soliman - 1.4 million

Seat 3: Hermilo Vargas - 1.78 million

Seat 4: Abtin Tashakori - 2.6 million

Seat 5: Victor Shalom - 2.5 million

Seat 6: Karlo Gharabegian - 2 million

Seat 7: Shahrokh Behdjou - 700,000 (short stack)

Seat 8: Linh Nguyen - 2.1 million

Seat 9: Alfred Cho - 2.5 million

Seat 10: David Levy - 3.5 million

Wild Hand Gets Us To Final Table

We walked over to one of the tables to see David Charchian all in preflop. He was called by Christoper Williams and David Levy. The flop came down [10c][9s][3s], and Williams shrugged, and said "Well I gotta go all in." In almost the exact same tone, Levy shrugged and said "Well I gotta call."

Charchian: [Kh][Qh]
Williams: [Ac][Ad]
Levy: [As][Qs]

Charchian begged for a jack, and he got his wish on the turn, but it was the [Js], giving Levy the nut flush, and knocking out both Williams and Charchian.

The final 10 players have redrawn for new seats, and are currently playing the final table. We will have photos and stacks for all 10 players up shortly.

Just Two Eliminations From The Final Table

We have lost three more players in this restart: John Garza in 15th, Erick Lee in 14th, and Ernesto Esparza in 13th. They all took home $1,735 for their efforts. With two more eliminations, we will be down to our final table.

First Three Bustouts

It didn't take us long to get down to our final 15 players. We lost Erick Nason in 18th, Carlos Ruiz in 17th, and Joshua Tulcan in 16th. All of them took home $1,505 for their efforts. Everyone still left will be earning $1,735 at least.

Day 3 Restart Underway

The 18 players who made it to Day 3 of our $100,000 Guaranteed Event have returned to battle it out for this first place prize of nearly $38,000. Nissan Benezra has the chip lead with 2.56 million, but with an average stack of nearly 1.5 million, it truly is anyone's game. We will be here to provide blow by blow coverage of this finals, so stay tuned!

Cards in the Air: $130 Omaha 8-or-Better

We switch over to the Mixed Games for our opening event of the day, the $130 Omaha 8-or-Better tournament. Players will be starting with 10,000 in chips, and registration will be open until 2:30 PM today.

Remember that we also have our always popular Facebook Event, with a buy-in of just $75, coming later today at 4 PM, as well as the finals of our $100,000 Guaranteed Event starting up at 1 PM. It should be an action packed day, so don't miss out on it!

Nissan Benezra Leads the Final 18

We will have 18 players coming back tomorrow to battle it out for the first place prize of over $37,000. Leading the way is Nissan Benezra (pictured above), who bagged up 2.56 million. Below you will see a full seating chart of the final 18. The action will pick up again at 1 PM, so make sure you come back then for all your updates!

Table 1

1. Erick Lee - 2.245 million
2. Ernesto Esparza - 1.37 million
3. Erik Nason - 225,000
4. Victor Shalom - 2.2 million
5. Abtin Tashakori - 1.655 million
6. Nissan Benezra - 2.56 million
7. Carlos Ruiz - 860,000
8. John Garza - 1.515 million
9. Hermilo Vargas - 1.655 million

Table 2

1. David Charchian - 930,000
2. Karlo Gharabegian -  1.155 million
3. Richard Soliman - 1.37 million
4. Josh Tulcan - 1.1 million
5. Shahrokh Behdjou - 975,000
6. Ling Nguyen - 2.285 million
7. Christoper Williams - 1.135 million
8. David Levy - 1.125 million
9. Alfred Cho - 1.65 million

Next Round of Bustouts

We are at the point where we have a pay jump with every three eliminations. The following players took home $1,315.

19. Phillip Doumani
20. Mark Brian
21. Tim Tang

These three all won $1,150.

22. Srihari Mupparaju
23. Behrooz Shishegar
24. Jered Wood

And these three all won $985.

25. Charles Bailey
26. Maholo Garcia
27. Boris Goldstein

Last Level of the Night

The plan for the day was to stop after 12 hours or play, or until we reach the final table. We have just started the 25,000-50,000 level, and the floor staff has decided this will be the last level of the evening. We currently have 21 players left, and the average stack is 1.2 million.