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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

What's on Tap: Day 2 of the $150,000 Guaranteed Event

Tomorrow will be the second massive Day 2 of the 2017 Summer Series. The action starts up at 1 PM, and players will have just under two hours to come in and buy-in directly for $1,100.

At 4 PM, we will be having another $240 Survivor Event. Just like last week, registration will be open until 7 PM, and the top 10% of players will all be earning $2,000 in cold hard cash. This event could be a great way to collect some ammunition for our Main Event, the $500,000 Guaranteed Event, which is starting up this weekend!

Hand-for-Hand Time in the First Flight

We are down to our final 18 players in the opening flight, but we still need to lose one more player before that flight is done. The next player out will leave empty handed, while the remaining 17 will bag up and come back tomorrow for the finals at 1 PM.

By the Numbers: Final Flight of the $150k

The eighth and final flight of this massive $150,000 Guaranteed Event drew a total of 198 players, meaning that the top 20 will be moving on to the finals tomorrow. That means that 143 players will be coming back tomorrow for the finals, along with however many Day 2 entries we receive tomorrow. We will be here all day tomorrow to provide you with all of your updates, so make sure you come back here at 1 PM!

1-20th. Advance to Day 2 + $250

Details on Tomorrow's Day 2 Buy-In

If you haven't been able to qualify for tomorrow's finals through any of the Day 1 sessions, you still have a chance to get in tomorrow thanks to the Quantum format this tournament is using. The finals will be kicking off at 1 PM, and through 2:45 PM, you will have the chance to buy-in for $1,100. This will give you an average stack of 150,000, and the blinds to start the day will be 1,200-2,400. Re-entry will also be allowed for $1,100 in that time frame.

Click here for more details on the schedule tomorrow, and good luck to all our Day 2 buy-ins!

Just Four Tables Left in the First Flight

The first starting session has quickly narrowed a field of 171 players down to just 36. Almost half of these players, 17 in total, will be punching a late ticket to the Day 2 finals tomorrow, where one player will be walking away with over $30,000!

The Guarantee Has Been Met

We needed just 80 players in the final flight to reach the guarantee, and we already have over 100 an hour into the session. Registration will be open until 7 PM tonight, and players will also have the option to buy-in for $1,100 tomorrow, so the prizepool will only be swelling up from here.

By the Numbers: Opening Flight of the Day

The first starting session today drew a total of 171 entries, meaning that 17 more players will be making the Day 2 finals. That means that we only need 80 players in the final session to reach the guarantee, and given previous turnouts, we will be at least doubling that amount of entries. Good luck to the remaining 80 players in this opening flight, and come join us for the final session which is now in full swing!

1-17th. Advance to Day 2 + $250

Cards in the Air: Final Day 1 Session of the $150k

The eighth and final starting session of this massive $150,000 Guaranteed Event has just kicked off here in the tournament room! We will be crossing the posted guarantee not long into this flight, and late registration will be available until 7 PM tonight.

If you haven't qualified yet, and you can't come out tonight, you will have one more chance to get in by buying in for Day 2 tomorrow for $1,100. Good luck all!

Some Players in the First Leg of the Day

Danny Nguyen

Gevork Kasabyan

Kevin French

Andrew Cha

First Break of the Opening Flight

We are 90 minutes into the opening leg, and the 117 entries so far are taking their first 15 minute breather of the day. They will play three more levels, and have one more break, before registration is closed in the opening flight.

The second flight of the day, and last flight of the tournament, starts at 4 PM!

The Last Day 1 of $150,000 Guaranteed is Underway

It is the fourth and final day of qualifying for our second massive Summer Series event, the $150,000 Guaranteed tournament! So far, 106 players have qualified for the finals tomorrow, with Michael Spector leading the way with 472,700.

The prize pool will be passing the guarantee at some point today, and don't forget that it will continue to grow tomorrow, as players will have the option to buy-in directly for $1,100 during the first two levels. Registration closes for this flight at 2:30 PM, and your last chance to qualify will be starting up at 4 PM.

Good luck everyone!

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