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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Summer Series Event #10 $150,000 GTD Results

What's on Tap: Start of the $500,000 Guaranteed Event

Tomorrow we start up the biggest event here at the 2017 Summer Series, the $500,000 Guaranteed Event! This is one of the highest value tournaments we have ever run here at the Bicycle Casino, as the buy-in will be just $85! There will be three flights tomorrow, with the first flight starting up at 11:30 AM.

Later in the afternoon, we will have a 2 PM flight, but the buy-in will be raised to $240 for that one, and 10% of the field will be making it through. At 4 PM, it's back to the $85 variant, where the top 7% will be making the finals.

It is the start of what should be a truly special tournament, so make sure you don't miss out!

The Final Seven Agree to a Chop: Quincy Weekley is the Winner!

The final seven players took a look at the numbers, and after some initial hesitation, a deal was struck! Everyone will take home at least $10,000, and Quincy Weekley takes home the lion's share with $23,830. Check out the full breakdown of the chop below, and congratulations to all seven players!

1. Quincy Weekley - $23,830
2. Armen Boodaghian - $21,385
3. Samy Alirachedi - $20,255
4. Dmitry Levin - $14,605
5. Kenneth Kim - $12,400
6. Barkev Grigorian - $10,315
7. Ramzi Srour - $10,295

Cards in the Air: $240 Bounty Event

It's time for another Bounty Event here at the 2017 Summer Series! This event has a buy-in of $240, with $100 of that going to a bounty on every player's head. This tournament has a guarantee of $20,000, and registration is open until 7 PM.

Good luck bounty hunters!

Oscar Morales Eliminated in 8th Place ($4,565)

Oscar Morales moved all in for his final 1.42 million, and next to act, Armen Boodaghian tank called. Everyone else folded, and we were off to the races again.

Morales: [Ah][Kd]
Boodaghian: [8h][8d]

The drama was short lived, as the flop came down [8s][7c][2d], giving Boodaghian top set, and leaving Morales drawing dead.

The final seven players are currently taking a look at the numbers for a potential chip chop.

Oscar Morales Spikes Two Outer to Survive

Oscar Morales got his final 660,000 in the middle holding [10h][10c], and he was racing against the [Ac][Qh] of Samy Alirachedi. Morales fell way behind on the flop of [Qd][6h][2h], and he needed a miracle now. The [3h] on the turn gave both players a flush draw, but of course Alirachedi had the higher heart. Needing a ten and a ten only, the dealer spiked down the [10s] on the river to give Morales the double up to 1.4 million, while taking a small chunk out of Alirachedi's stack.

Lay Saelee Eliminated in 9th Place ($3,345)

Lay Saelee and Quincy Weekley were heads up on a flop of [Jc][10c][5h] when Saelee shoved all in. Weekley snap called with [Kc][Kh], and saw that he was well ahead of the [9s][8s] of Saelee. Saelee still had queens and sevens for outs, but the board finished out [Jh] and [Ah].

Saelee, who started the day as the chip leader, is out in ninth place.

Paul Chung Eliminated in 10th Place ($2,220)

On one of the first hands of the final table, Kenneth Kim moved all in from early position. Next to act, Paul Chung quickly moved all in as well with a similar stack. Everyone else got out of the way, and we were off to the races.

Kim: [Ad][Ks]
Chung: [Qc][Qs]

The flop of [Js][10c][2c] kept Chung out in front, but the [Kc] turn changed things. Chung could still win with an ace, nine, or club, but the [5s] completed the board instead.

Kim virtually doubles up to three million, and we are down to our official final table of nine.

Final Table Photos and Counts For the $150,000 Guaranteed Event

Seat 1: Barkev Grigorian - 1.75 million

Seat 2: Samy Alirachedi - 5.2 million (chip leader)

Seat 3: Kenneth Kim - 1.55 million

Seat 4: Paul Chung - 1.45 million

Seat 5: Quincy Weekley - 2.8 million

Seat 6: Lay Saelee - 4.8 million

Seat 7: Oscar Morales - 1.05 million (short stack)

Seat 8: Armen Boodaghian - 3.3 million

Seat 9: Dmitry Levin - 3.3 million

Seat 10: Ramzi Srour - 2.5 million

Back-to-Back Double Ups for Samy Alirachedi

Samy Alirachedi and start of day chip leader Lay Saelee just tangled in back-to-back pots that saw Alirachedi rocket up to the chip lead, while Saelee has plummeted to one of the short stacks. In the first hand, Alirachedi was all in and ahead preflop with Ace-Ten vs. Ace-Nine. Alirachedi's hand held, and he scored the double up.

Before he could finish stacking his chips, he was all in again against Saelee, and this time, in much better shape, with pocket Kings to the King-Queen of Saelee. Saelee flopped a queen and a backdoor flush draw, but would pick up no help.

Just like that, Alriachedi is up to over 6 million, while Saelee has just one million.

Just Two Eliminations From the Final Table

Table #2 has been the table of death so far, as four of the six eliminations today have come from there. With two more eliminations, we will be down to one table of 10. Once we get there, we will have photos and updated chip counts for all ten.

These three players all took home $1,935.

13. Thomas Achkio
14. Kathleen Solowitz
15. Macradij Yacoubian

First Three Eliminations Today

It took just over 15 minutes for us to reach out first pay jump, as the following three players all won $1,675 for their efforts.

16. Jose Mata
17. Allen Hodjat
18. Michael Preister

Cards in the Air: Event #10 Day 3 Restart

Just 18 players are coming back today to fight it out for this first place prize of over $40,000. Lay Saelee has the chip lead coming into the day with 4.3 million, while Jose Mata is on the short stack with just 605,000. We will be here until a winner is decided tonight, so don't go anywhere!

Cards in the Air: $130 Omaha 8-or-Better

It's back to the Mixed Games for the opening event of the day, as the $130 Omaha 8-or-Better tournament has just kicked off here in the tournament room. Registration and re-entry will be available until 2:30 PM today.

Good luck everyone!

Summer Series Event #10 Day 3 Return List

Lay Saelee Bags Big Chip Lead With Just 18 Left

Play is over for the night with just 18 players left. Lay Saelee has the big stack, bagging a massive stack of 4.3 million. The second closest competitor, Armen Boodaghian, has 3.6 million, after doubling up on the last hand of the night with pocket aces vs. pocket kings. Stay tuned for a full list of survivors to be posted by the morning, and don't forget that the action picks back up tomorrow at 1 PM.

Next Round of Eliminations: 19-27th Places

The following three players all won $1,470 tonight.

19. Erich Karle
20. Haik Kyaramyan
21. Phonesana Siyarath

These three all took home $1,285 for their efforts.

22. Hermilo Vargas
23. Abtin Tashakori
24. Armen Arzumanyan

And lastly, the following three all won $1,100 tonight.

25. Victor Kruglov
26. Thai Nguyen
27. Anthony Denove

Just 30 Minutes Left in the Night

We have 30 minutes remaining in Level 14, the final level of the evening. We have 19 players remaining, with the blinds currently at 25,000-50,000. We will post the next round of bustouts if we lose one more player tonight, and will be sure to identify the overnight chip leader after the dust settles shortly.