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Saturday, June 17, 2017

By the Numbers: Final Flight of the Day

The third and final flight drew a total of 187 entries. This means the final 19 players will be making the money, but only the top 13 will be advancing to the Day 2 finals.

Your next chance to qualify for this $500,000 Guaranteed Day 2 finals will be tomorrow at 11:30 AM, when another $85 buy-in starting session kicks off!

1-13th. Advance to Day 2 +400
14-19th. $250

What's on Tap: Sunday, June 18th

The $500,000 Guaranteed keeps rolling along tomorrow with three more starting sessions. The schedule for tomorrow will be the same as today's, with $85 flights starting up at 11:30 AM and 4 PM, and a $240 flight at 2 PM tomorrow. It's important to note that the $240 flights will be put on pause after tomorrow, as there will only be $85 flights from Monday-Thursday of next week.

Good luck players!

Field Updates For All Three Flights

The opening flight of the day is currently in hand-for-hand play, as we are on the exact money bubble with 21 players left. The $240 session is down to just 63 players from the starting field of 139. The top 14 will be advancing in that one.

The third and final flight is just about to close registration with 175 players and counting currently registered. Stay tuned for the official numbers on that one to be posted shortly!

First Break of the Last Flight

Three levels up, three levels down in the third and final flight of the day, and the 112 entries so far are taking their first 15 minute breather of the day. Registration will be open until 7 PM tonight, so come on down and try to qualify for this massive Day 2 coming up before you know it!

By the Numbers: $240 Afternoon Flight

The second $240 starting session saw a massive increase in entries from the first one, as nearly double the amount of players came out. We had a total of 138 entries in this flight, which means that the top 14 will be bagging up tonight and coming back to play in the finals in a week and a half.

1-14th. Advance to Day 2

Some Player Photos from the 2 PM Session

We have a few player photos for you guys listed below. Heath Mendelsohn is taking a break from fatherhood to come join us here at the Bike today. We also spotted two players who went deep in our $150,000 Guaranteed Event earlier this week, Victor Kruglov, and Ramzi Srour.

Sean Yu

Heath Mendelsohn

Ramzi Srour

Victor Kruglov

Cards in the Air: 4 PM Flight

The last qualifying flight of the day has just kicked off in the tournament room. The buy-in is a mere $85, and registration and re-entry will be available until 7 PM tonight. Remember that for these sessions, the top 10% will be cashing, but only the final 7% will be moving on to the Day 2 finals.

Best of luck to everyone!

By the Numbers: Opening Flight of the Day

The 11:30 AM flight today drew a total of 203 players, more than we received in either flight yesterday. That means that the top 20 players will finish in the money, with the final 14 moving on to the finals in two Wednesdays. The second $85 flight will be starting up at 4 PM, so make sure you don't miss it!

1-14. Advance to Day 2 + $400
15-20. $250

First Break of the $240 Session

We were expecting a bigger crowd for today's $240 session compared to yesterday, and that certainly is the case, as we already have more entries, 86, at the first break then we had all of yesterday. Registration will be open until 5 PM, so you have plenty of time to come on down and join us for this session, where the top 10% will be moving on to the finals!

Cards in the Air: Afternoon $240 Session

It's now time for our second $240 starting session here in this $500k event. The higher buy-in means more starting chips for each player, as well as the fact that the top 10% will be moving on to the finals, as opposed to just 7% in the $85 sessions. Registration is open today until 5 PM, and we will have updates from this flight, and the two others, coming shortly!

The Second Day of $500k Action

It's time to get the first of three more starting sessions going in this massive $500,000 Guaranteed Summer Series Main Event. The buy-in for this flight is a mere $85, and registration will be open until 2:30 PM today. The top 10% will be making some extra cash, but only the final 7% will be moving on to the finals in two weeks.

Remember that we have two more flights later today: a $240 session at 2 PM, and another $85 session at 4 PM!