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Friday, July 28, 2017

Updated Counts From the $100,000 Guaranteed Event

Players Left: 200 Blinds: 2,000-4,000 Average Stack: 125,000

Mark Jun - 380,000
Sean Yu - 250,000
Dana Kellstrom - 220,000
Alan Myerson - 140,000
Ramzi Srour - 120,000
Rupesh Pattni - 62,000
Boris Goldstein - 52,000
Chris Grigorian - 37,000

Over 100 Players in the Survivor Event

Tonight's Survivor event is off to a great start, as 102 players have entered just after an hour into play today. Registration will be open until 9 PM tonight, so you have plenty of time to come on down and join us. Remember that the top 10% of players will be locking up $3,000, which will be a great boost for anyone who plans to grind the $200,000 Guaranteed Event this weekend!

What's on Tap: Start of the $200,000 Guaranteed Event

Tomorrow we start up the first of a handful of huge guaranteed No-Limit Hold'em tournaments at this massive Legends of Poker Series. This event has a $200,000 Guarantee, with two starting flights per day from Saturday-Monday, before the finals start up on Tuesday. The flights will be at 11:30 AM and 4 PM each day, with registration open for three hours for each of them.

Click here for a full structure of this event, and make sure you don't miss out on this first huge event!

Cards in the Air: $365 Survivor Event

It's time to kick off the second event of the 2017 Legends of Poker, and this one is a Survivor Event. That means that the top 10% of players will all chop up the prizepool evenly at the end, regardless of chip stacks at the time. Registration will be open until 9 PM tonight, and all of the winners will take home $3,000 in cold hard cash. Good luck everyone!

By the Numbers: Opening Event of the Legends of Poker

We got off to a great start here in the 2017 Legends of Poker, as a grand total of 477 entries came out for our opening event. That means that the prizepool ended with $138,807, smashing the posted guarantee of $100,000. The final 54 players will finish in the money tonight, and you can view a full

1. $36,807
2. $20,125
3. $11,825
4. $9,020
5. $6,855
6. $5,345
7. $4,165
8. $3,235
9. $2.430
10-12. $1,720
13-15. $1,400
16-18. $1,210
19-21. $1,055
22-24. $930
25-27. $820
28-36. $735
37-45. $650
46-54. $570

The Survivor Event Starts in 90 Minutes

Registration may be closed for our opening $100,000 Guaranteed Event, but that doesn't mean the poker is stopping here today. Don't forget that at 6 PM, we have one of our always popular Survivor Events. Today, the buy-in is $365, and the top 10% of the field will all walk home with $3,000 cash. Registration for that event will be open tonight until 9 PM, so be sure to come on out an join us to get an early bankroll booster in this massive series!

More Player Photos From Event #1

We have more player photos for you guys from our opening event, where registration has now closed. Included in this batch of photos are two players who are fresh off of some big finishes in the Summer Series. Chris Grigorian took home $30,000 even in a six way chop in the final event of the series, while Armen Boodaghian is hoping to ride the momentum of a $21,000 and change runner up finish, as well as a win in the WSOP Satellite at the end of the series.

Chris Grigorian

Mark Jun

Armen Boodaghian

Rupesh Pattni

First Guarantee of the Series Smashed!

The opening event of the 2017 Legends of Poker has been a rousing success, as over 450 entries have brought in with one hour left in registration. That means that the prizepool is already at over $130,000. Registration will be closing just after 4 PM today, so be sure to come on down and get your seat for this special deepstacked tournament!

First Round of Legends of Poker Photos

It's time for the first group of player photos for you guys from this massive opening event. Former Mega Millions winner Boris Goldstein is back here hoping to make another big final table. We also spotted Ramzi Srour, who made two big runs in the Summer Series in June, including a money finish in the $550 WSOP Main Event Satellite. Check out those photos below, and stay tuned for more later.

Boris Goldstein 

Ramzi Srour

Kirk Acevedo
Chris Grigorian

The 2017 Legends of Poker is Now Underway!

It's time to kick off the trademark series here at the Bicycle Casino, the Legends of Poker! Ahead of us, we have a month of various poker games, some massive guaranteed No-Limit Hold'em and HORSE Events, and we are ending it all with the $4,000 buy-in WPT televised Event!

Things kick off today with a $100,000 Guaranteed Event. The buy-in is $350, and players are starting with a whopping 50,000 in chips. This is a two day event, with the finals starting up tomorrow at 1 PM!

Later on today, we have a $365 buy-in Survivor Event at 6 PM, where the top 10% of players will all be walking away with $3,000 in cash. It's an exciting opening day for what should be an action packed series, so be sure to come out and join us!