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Saturday, July 29, 2017

The Final Six Agree to a Deal, Michael Levin is the Champion!

The final six players took a look at the numbers, and after some figured were moved around, a deal was struck! Michael Levin will be taking home the lion's share of the prize pool, earning $17,937 for his efforts. Below you will see how the final numbers shape out for the top six, who are all taking home over $11,000. Congratulations to everyone, especially Michael Levin, for winning the opening event of this massive 2017 Legends of Poker Series!

1. Michael Levin - $17,937
2. Men Nguyen - $17,275
3. Gernardo Lizarraga - $16,000
4. Bruce Levitt - $13,820
5. Casey Jacobs - $13,650
6. Rob Salinger - $11,295

Greg Sanchez Eliminated in 7th Place ($4,165)

Greg Sanchez moved all in from the button, and Bruce Levitt snap called from the big blind.

Sanchez: [Kd][Qc]
Levitt: [As][Ks]

The board ran down [Jd][8c][3h][7d][Kc], and Sanchez bowed out in seventh.

The final six players are looking at a chip chop. Here are the exact counts at the moment.

Michael Levin - 5,265,000
Men Nguyen - 4,910,000
Gernardo Lizarraga - 4,630,000
Bruce Levitt - 3,530,000
Casey Jacobs - 3,460,000
Rob Salinger - 2,040,000

By the Numbers: Second Flight of the $200,000 Guaranteed Event

The second flight of the day in the $200,000 Guaranteed Event drew 201 players, meaning that 30 more players will be advancing to the Day 2 finals on Tuesday. The next chance you will have to join the survivors from today will be tomorrow at 11:30 AM.

1-30th. Advance to Day 2

Lizarraga Doubles Through Nguyen

Action folded around to Men Nguyen in the small blind, and he moved all in, easily having Gernardo Lizzarraga covered in the big blind. Lizzarraga looked down at his hole cards, and immediately called.

Lizzarraga: [9c][9d]
Nguyen: [7d][2d]

Lizzarraga was in great shape to double, and the hand was all but over after the flop came [As][Qc][5h]. The [2s] on the turn gave Nguyen a sliver of hope, but the [4s] completed the board, sealing the win for Lizzarraga.

Lizzarraga  doubled up to 3.8 million after that hand, while Nguyen is now one of our shorter stacks with 2.4 million.

Levitt Doubles Through Nguyen

Action folded around to Bruce Levitt on the button, and he moved all in for just under 1.1 million. Men Nguyen spent a while in the tank in the big blind before be made the call.

Nguyen: [Qc][10c]
Levitt: [Ah][3c]

The flop hit both players, coming down [As][Kh][10d]. Levitt's hand got better with the [3h] turn, and Nugyen was looking for a jack or a ten now to win. The [4c] came instead, and Levitt doubled up to 2.5 million, while Nguyen is down to 4.2 million.

Amazingly, Levitt is here trying to defend his title in this event, and after that double up, he is getting closer to an average stack with just seven players left.

Rickey Gore Eliminated in 8th Place ($3,235)

Rickey Gore moved all in from early position, and Rob Salinger moved all in over the top a few seats later. Everyone else got out of the way, and the cards hit their backs.

Gore: [Ks][Jd]
Salinger: [Qd][Qc]

Salinger had already lost a big pot at this final table with a pair of queens, but the ladies worked for him this time, as the board came down [9h][8h][3s][8c][6c].

Salinger is back up to over two million after that pot, as we are now down to just seven players.

Sanchez Doubles Through Salinger

Greg Sanchez moved all in from under the gun for his final 1.29 million, and it folded all the way around to the big blind Rob Salinger, who snap called the shove.

Sanchez: [Ks][Kd]
Salinger: [Qh][Qs]

It was a preflop cooler for Salinger, who was looking for one of the two remaining queens in the deck. Instead, the board came out [Js][3s][6d][Ah][7d], knocking Salinger down to 1.25 million, while Sanchez is a threat again with 2.8 million.

Dan Pasko Eliminated in 9th Place ($2,430)

On the very next hand, Men Nguyen would raise it up in late position, only to see Dan Pasko move his short stack in from the blinds. Nguyen called, and Pasko saw he had a slight advantage.

Pasko: [Ah][2h]
Nguyen: [Ks][Qh]

The flop of [Ac][Js][9s] shot Pasko out into a big lead, as Nguyen was now looking for a ten to win. The [Qc] on the turn paired up Nguyen, and gave him a few more outs. Sure enough, another lady hit the river, the [Qd], and Nguyen's trip queens took the pot, upping his stack to over four million.

David Lilien Eliminated in 10th Place ($1,720)

David Lilien and Michael Levin went heads up to a flop of [Ac][Qs][9h]. Lilien led out for 300,000, and Levin raised it up to 800,000. Lilien thought for about 15 seconds before moving all in, and the chip leader snap called.

Levin: [Qd][Qh]
Lilien: [Ah][9s]

It was quite the cooler for Lilien, who could only win with an ace or running nines for quads. However, the board finished out [5c] and [7h], knocking Lilien out in 10th, and boosting Levin up to over 6 million in chips.

Final Table Photos and Chip Stacks, including Defending Champion Bruce Levitt

Seat 1: Rickey Gore - 2 million

Seat 2: Gernando Lizarraga - 1.07 million

Seat 3: David Lilien - 2.1 million

Seat 4: Dan Pasko - 925,000 (short stack)

Seat 5: Rob Salinger - 2.5 million

Seat 6: Greg Sanchez - 1.9 million

Seat 7: Michael Levin - 3.8 million (chip leader)

Seat 8: Bruce Levitt - 1.3 million

Seat 9: Casey Jacobs - 3.1 million

Seat 10: Men Nguyen - 2.1 million

Just Two Eliminations From the Final Table Now

We are down to the final 12 players in this event, meaning we are just two players away from reaching the unofficial final table of ten. Below you will see some of the players who just missed out on that mark.

13. Alex Faynshteyn
14. Natalya Novek
15. Qian Guo

These three players all took home $1,210 tonight.

16. Joseph Weinberger
17. Minh Ha
18. Loc Bao Nguyen

Next Batch of Bustouts: 19th-27th Places

These three players all took home $1,055 tonight.

19. Joshua Abady
20. Ngon Tran
21. Mark Alag

These three each won $930.

22. David Mann
23. Jamie Padilla
24. Ramzi Srour

And lastly, these three took home $820 for their efforts.

25. Ali Zayed
26. Steven Spunt
27. Jay Kaneshiro

A Few Counts From the Final Two Tables

We are down to two tables, and below you will see how some of the notables are faring at the moment. Once we are down to ten players, we will post up photos, names, and fresh counts for everyone still in.

Casey Jacobs - 2.05 million
Andrew Pham - 1.2 million
Men Nguyen - 750,000
Gregory Sanchez - 550,000

First Break of the Afternoon Session

The second starting session of the opening day in the $200,000 Guaranteed Event is on it's first break now, with over 130 total entries. Registration will remain open today until 7 PM, and if you can't make it out for this session, we have two more starting up tomorrow at 11:30 AM and 4 PM.

Second Flight of the Day Underway

Cards are in the air for the second $200,000 Guaranteed starting flight of the day. The first session saw a total of 255 entries, and the second flight should see a similar number. The buy-in today is $240, and the top 15% will be moving on to the finals on Tuesday.

Registration will be open today until 7 PM. Good luck everyone!

Next Round of Day 2 Bustouts

We are at the point in the tournament where there is a pay jump for every three eliminations. Each of these players just missed out on that, taking home $735 tonight.

28. Tuan Tien
29. Imran Mukati
30. Arpad Fabian
31. Allyson Livendale
32. Anonymous
33. Elmo Imperial
34. Steven Ford
35. George Kozel
36. Thai Nguyen

Updated Counts From the Final Three Tables

Players Left: 27 Blinds: 15,000-30,000 Average Stack: 883,000

Gregory Sanchez - 1.3 million
Andrew Pham - 1.25 million
Casey Jacobs-  1.25 million
Joshua Abady - 960,000
Men Nguyen - 860,000
Ramzi Srour - 750,000
Jay Kaneshiro - 250,000

By the Numbers: Opening Flight of the $200,000 Guaranteed Event

The first of six flights in this opening weekend $200,000 Guaranteed event drew a total of 255 entries. That means that the final 38 will be punching the first Day 2 tickets of the event. Your second chance to qualify for this event will be starting up at 4 PM, with three hours of late registration available.

1-38. Advance to Day 2

Next Round of Day 2 Bustouts

The following players all took home $735 for their efforts here today.

37. Jeremy Yap
38. Joshua Galias
39. Vince Salvatore
40. Helaine Fox
41. Mark Hamilton
42. Anonymous
43. Robert Wilkinson
44. Dana Kellstrom
45. Matt Roxbury

Updated Chip Counts From the Final Four Tables

Players Left: 36 Blinds: 15,000-30,000 Average Stack: 675,000

Andrew Pham - 1.45 million
Casey Jacobs - 1.35 million
Joshua Abady - 1 million
Men Nguyen - 950,000
Gregory Sanchez - 880,000
Ramzi Srour - 500,000
George Kozel - 145,000

First Round of Day 2 Eliminations

The following players all took home $570 for their efforts tonight.

46. Joshua McDonald
47. Paul Lui
48. Greg Roberts
49. Frank Kramer
50. Christopher Banez
51. Gary Miles
52. Ricardo Gonzalez
53. Josh Chait
54. Chenyu Hung

Some Fresh Chippies in the Restart

Players Left: 45 Blinds: 12,000-24,000 Average Stack: 530,000

Andrew Pham - 1.1 million
Gregory Sanchez - 1.1 million
Joshua Abady - 905,000
Casey Jacobs - 810,000
Mark Hamilton - 570,000
Men Nguyen - 550,000
George Kozel - 410,000

Some of the Players in the Opening $200,000 Guaranteed Flight

Below you will see some of the locals who have joined us on this opening Saturday of the $200,000 Guaranteed Event. Former WPT finalist Jared Griener is here, along with Sean Yu, who has registered a few big scores here at the Bike in recent years. Check out their photos, and a few more, below.

Sam Goncuoglu

Kevin French

Jared Griener

Khang Nguyen

Sean Yu

The Bubble has Burst in Event #1

It took just over an hour to lose ten players in this Day 2 restart, and that means that the 54 remaining players have all locked up at least $570. However, all of them have their eyes set on the $36,807 first place prize. Stay tuned for more updates, including fresh chip counts, and player eliminations.

The Top Stacks in the Day 2 Restart

Casey Jacobs - 1,110,000
Andrew Pham - 912,000

Joshua Galias - 853,000

Elmo Imperial - 771,000

Joshua Abady - 714,000

Gregory Sanchez - 673,000

Over 200 Entries in the Opening $200,000 Guaranteed Flight

Registration is open for one more hour in this first of six starting flights for the $200,000 Guaranteed Event, and we are off to a great start, as 202 players have entered so far. The second flight of the day will be starting up today at 4 PM, and remember that the top 15% of players will be moving on to the finals on Tuesday.

Day 2 Restart of the $100,000 Guaranteed Event

Cards are now in the air for the first Day 2 restart of the 2017 Legends of Poker. A total of 64 players are returning today, but ten of them will leave empty handed, as only the top 54 will be making the money. Casey Jacobs leads the way as the only player in the seven figure club, but he has plenty of stiff competition behind him, including Elmo Imperial (771,000), Men Nguyen (509,000), Mark Hamilton (425,000), Ramzi Srour (274,000), and George Kozel (252,000).

 We will be here tonight until a winner is decided, so be sure you don't go anywhere!

LOP Event #1 Return List

Cards in the Air: Opening Flight of the $200,000 Guaranteed Event

It's time to kick off the first of a few six figure guaranteed events here in this Legends of Poker series. The buy-in today is $240, and the prizepool will be at least $200,000. This is the first of six flights spread out over the next three days. Players will be starting with 20,000 in chips, and the top 15% will be advancing to Tuesday's finals.

Registration for this opening session will be open until 2:30 PM, while the second flight of the day will be starting up at 4 PM. Click here for a full structure of the event, and good luck players!