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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Final Three Chop it Up, Richard Mestas is the Winner!

The final three players took a look at the numbers, and all three happily agreed to chop it up. Richard Mestas will be taking home the title, along with $56,934. Read below for a full breakdown of the three way chop. Congratulations to Mestas, Bohanner, and Shimoni for their fantastic finishes!

1. Richard Mestas - $56,934
2. Aharon Shimoni - $45,750
3. Mark Bohanner - $44,695

Giorgio Medici Eliminated in 4th Place ($25,370)

Giorgio Medici shoved his last six million and change in preflop, and next to act, Richard Mestas made the call.

Medici: [10h][9h]
Mestas: [9c][9s]

Medici was in rough shape, but the flop was about as good as he could ask for, coming [Kh][Qh][Qc]. Medici could now win with a jack, ten, or heart, but none of those cards were come on the turn or river, much to the dismay of Medici.

That leaves Mestas with just under 22 million. Aharon Shimoni and Mark Bohanner both have around 11 million. They are looking at the numbers for a chop right now.

Bohanner Doubles Through Medici

Mark Bohanner raised to 925,000 from under the gun, and Giorgio Medici moved all in from the button. It folded back to Bohanner, who rechecked his hole cards before making the call.

Bohanner: [As][Ac]
Medici: [Ad][7c]

Medici was in about a rough a shape as he could be in, but the flop provided him a glimmer of hope, coming [Qs][8h][7d]. Medici needed another seven to win, but the board finished out [3h] and [Kc]

Bohanner, who's been by far the shortest stack throughout this four handed battle, is all of a sudden right near the top with over 14 million, while Medici plummets to 4.2 million.

Bohanner Doubles Through Medici

Action folded around to Mark Bohanner in the small blind, and he moved all in for 2.95 million. Girogio Medici quickly called from the big blind, and Medici was in great shape for the knockout.

Bohanner: [Qc][9d]
Medici: [Ac][Qh]

The lead flipped however on the [9c][8s][7s] flop, giving Bohanner top pair. Medici now needed to hit a three outer, but the [2c] and [Jc] came instead.

Bohanner doubled up to over six million, while Medici is down to 9.5 million.

Juan Godinez Eliminated in 5th Place ($17,670)

After Richard Mestas raised to 750,000, Juan Godinez moved all in for about double that. Mestas snap called with [Ad][Qh], and he was out in front of the [Kh][6h] of Godinez. The flop of [5s][2s][5c] kept Mestas in the lead, and the [Qs] on the turn meant only a king would save Godinez now.

The river was the [10s] instead, giving Mestas the victory. Here is how the final four stack up now. There still haven't been any talks of a chop yet.

Richard Mestas - 14.5 million
Aharon Shimoni - 13.3 million
Giorgio Medici - 13.1 million
Mark Bohanner - 3 million

Nikolai Sears Eliminated in 6th Place ($12,600)

Richard Mestas raised to 750,000, and Nikolai Sears moved all in over the top. Once Mestas got an idea of the count, he made the call, only to see he was dominated.

Mestas: [Qd][8d]
Sears: [8c][8h]

As it has on a couple of all ins already, the window card proved to be the most important of the board, as the flop came down [Qc][6s][Jh]. Mestas shot out to the lead, and Sears was looking for a one outer now. Instead, the [3c] and [4c] completed the board, giving Mestas the hand, jumping him up to over 12 million in the process.

Bohanner Doubles Up Again

Action folded around to chip leader Aharon Shimoni on the button, and he moved all in, easily having the blinds covered. Nikolai Sears folded his small blind, but Mark Bohanner called from the big blind to put himself at risk.

Bohanner: [Ac][10c]
Shimoni: [Kd][3s]

The flop all but ended the hand, coming down [Ah][Qc][7h]. The [Js] on the turn gave Shimoni hope for a brutal suck out, and the river might have made Bohanner's heart skip a beat, as it was the [9d], just short of the ten Shimoni needed.

Bohanner is a threat all of a sudden with 5.5 million, while Shimoni is still the leader with 12.5 million.

Bohanner Doubles Through Mestas

Mark Bohanner moved all in preflop for 1.375 million, and Richard Mestas called to put him at risk.

Bohanner: [2h][2d]
Mestas: [Ah][Kd]

The door card of the flop was great for Bohanner, as the flop came [Jh][7h][2s], giving Bohanner a set. The [Ad] on the turn paired Mestas, but he was now drawing dead, as the [7c] completed the board.

Bohanner is up to just under three million after that hand, while Mestas is still firmly in second place with 9.8 million.

Massoud Eskandari Eliminated in 7th Place ($9,600)

Massoud Eskandari came into the final table as the short stack, and he was able to ladder up a couple of spots before he ultimately bowed out in 7th place. Eskandari got his last few chips in the middle preflop with [Ah][3h], and he was in rough shape against the pocket queens of Giorgio Medici. The board came down [10h][8d][3c][10s][Kd], and the ladies held to give Medici a nice pot, jumping him up  to 6.8 million.

This leaves us with just six players. As of yet, there haven't been any talks of a chop.

Mark Hamilton Eliminated in 8th Place ($7,220)

Right after Henry Lu was knocked out, we lost Mark Hamilton in 8th place. Hamilton got his short stack in preflop holding [Ac][10d], and he was not happy to see he was dominated by the [As][Jd] of new big stack Aharon Shimoni.

It went from bad to worse for Hamilton, as the flop came down [Jc][4h][4s]. "That'll do it," Hamilton said, knowing he would need a runner runner miracle now. The [6s] on the turn sealed Hamilton's fate, knocking him out in 8th place.

Henry Lu Eliminated in 9th Place ($6,000)

In just two hands, Henry Lu went from chip leader to out in 9th place. Right after sending a massive double over to Aharon Shimoni, Lu moved all in preflop holding [9h][9c]. He was called by Nikolai Sears with [Ad][Jc], and while the flop of [Qd][7d][4h] was safe for Lu, the [Jh] on the turn was not. The [Ah] on the river gave Sears an unnecessary second pair.

Lu will have to settle for $6,000, while everyone else still in has locked up $7,220.

Shimoni Doubles Into Massive Lead

There was already over 3.5 million in the middle in a heads up pot between Aharon Shimoni and Henry Lu.  The board read [Qs][Jc][3h][8h], and Shimoni fired out a bet of 2.75 million. Lu thought for about a minute before moving all in, and Shimoni beat him into the pot.

Shimoni: [10s][9s]
Lu: [Ad][Qd]

Shimoni slapped his cards down on the table, proudly showing the nuts, while Lu was left drawing dead. Shimoni is now up to over 15 million, and he holds a massive lead on the final table.

Hamilton Doubles Through Lu

Henry Lu made it 450,000 to go from middle position, and Mark Hamilton moved all in for 775,000 total. Lu made the call, and the cards were flipped.

Lu: [Kh][9c]
Hamilton: [Ac][5c]

The flop came down [8s][6d][5s], giving Hamilton a pair, and Lu a straight draw. Neither player would hit the [10d] turn or [6c] river, and Hamilton's hand held to double him up to 1.7 million.

By the Numbers: $235 HORSE Event

Today's HORSE Event drew a total of 122 players, making for a prizepool of $24,400. The top 12 players will finish in the money, and the eventual winner will be taking home $6,983.

1. $6,983
2. $4,140
3. $2,840
4. $2,010
5. $1,540
6. $1,185
7. $1,065
8. $945
9-10. $830
11-12. $650

What's on Tap: Thursday, August 3rd

Three more tournaments are kicking off tomorrow, with the same start times as today's events: 11:30 AM, 2 PM, and 4 PM. First, we have a $240 buy-in Deepstack Event, with a guarantee of $30,000. Registration for that event will be open until 4 PM.

At 2 PM, it's another Mixed Game Event, this time Limit Big "O". The buy-in for that one will be $235, and registration will stay open until 5 PM.

We end the day with another Bounty Event. The buy-in this time around is $345, and everyone will have a $100 bounty on their heads. Just like the Big "O" Event, registration will be open for three hours.

These events could provide a nice bankroll booster before our next massive event, the $500,000 Guaranteed Event, kicks off on Friday!

By the Numbers: $50,000 Guaranteed Deepstack Event

Today's Deepstack Event drew a nice round number of entries, 300, creating a prizepool of $60,000. The final 36 players will walk home with some extra cash, locking up at least $365. First place will earn just over $16,000. Scroll down for a full list of the payouts, and good luck to the final 90 players still in!

1. $16,035
2. $9,020
3. $5,400
4. $4,070
5. $3,085
6. $2,415
7. $1,925
8. $1,515
9. $1,145
10-12. $820
13-15. $680
16-18. $580
19-21. $500
22-24. $450
25-27. $405
28-36. $365

Final Table Photos and Fresh Chip Counts

Thanks to a double elimination with 11 players left, where Nikolai Sears knocked out Michael Gonzalez and Nguyet Dao, we are already down to our official final table of nine. Below you will see an updated seating chart, along with pictures of all nine of our players. Everyone of these players have locked up $6,000, but one of these nine will be walking home today with over $73,000 in cash. Stay tuned to find out who it is!

Seat 1: Richard Mestas - 6.3 million

Seat 2: Juan Godinez - 3.7 million

Seat 3: Aharon Shimoni - 5.9 million

Seat 4: Nikolai Sears - 7.7 million

Seat 5: Henru Lu - 7.8 million (chip leader)

Seat 6: Massoud Eskandari - 1.8 million (short stack)

Seat 7: Mark Bohanner - 2.2 million

Seat 8: Mark Hamilton - 1.83 million

Seat 9: Giorgio Medici - 5.8 million

Just Two Eliminations From Our Final Table

And then there were 12. With two more bustouts, we will reach out unofficial final table of 10 players. These three players just busted out, all earning $4,300.

13. Phuoc Nguyen
14. Ken Mondegari
15. Paul Chauderson

And these three each took home $3,600.

16. Hermilo Vargas
17. Joseph Fessel
18. Steve Goldman

Cards in the Air: $365 Survivor Event

It's time to kick off the third and final event of the day, the $365 Survivor Event. In this event, play will stop once the top 10% is reached. At that point, everyone still in will receive $3,000, regardless of their chip stacks at the time. Registration will be open until 7 PM. Good luck players!

Full Two Table Seating Chart and Counts

Table 1

1. Juan Godinez - 2.8 million
2. Richard Mestas - 4.1 million
3. Mark Bohanner - 570,000
4. Mark Hamilton - 3.1 million
5. Giorgio Medici - 3.2 million
6. Phuoc Nguyen - 2.7 million
7. Massoud Eskandari - 880,000
8. Paul Chauderson - 2.1 million
9. Joseph Fessel - 1.1 million

Table 2 

1. Michael Gonzalez - 3.1 million
2. Nikolai Sears - 2.15 million
3. Hermilo Vargas - 1.2 million
4. Nguyet Dao - 2.8 million
5. Steve Goldman - 2 million
6. Henry Lu - 4.2 million
7. Kayla Voogd -  1.4 million
8. Aharon Shimoni - 2.7 million
9. Ken Mondegari - 1.05 million

Next Round of Bustouts: 19-27th Places

There are just 18 players left now, and we will have a full two table seating chart with fresh chip counts for everyone still in. In the meantime, here are the players who just missed out on the final two tables, earning $3,020.

19. Young Oh
20. Jong Oh
21. Clifford O'Connor

These three all took home $2,580.

22. James Petzing
23. Lawrence Engerman
24. Christopher Marano

And lastly, these three all won $2,165.

25. Omeed Latifi
26. Vinh Le
27. Sameer Aljanedi

Some Updated Counts From the Final 27

Blinds: 25,000-50,000 Average Stack: 1.66 million

Giorgio Medici - 5.8 million
Nguyet Dao - 2.5 million
Phuoc Nguyen - 2.2 million
Massoud Eskandari - 1.7 million
Hermilo Vargas - 960,000
Mark Hamilton - 950,000
Sameer Aljanedi - 430,000

First Round of Day 3 Bustouts

The following players each won $1,908.

28. Behrooz Shishegar
29. Kalpesh Kika
30. Wang Lee

These three players each took home $1,660.

31. Steve Sung
32. Jose Araya
33. Bahram Mashhood

And lastly, the two first bustouts of the day earned $1,460.

34. Joshua Weiss
35. Joseph Burk

Cards in the Air: $235 HORSE Event

It's time for the first non-Hold'em event of the 2017 Legends of Poker, and it's the always popular HORSE format. Five different games will be played in this $240 buy-in tournament, with registration open today until 5 PM today.

Good luck everyone!

The Top 5 Stacks to Start Day 3

Giorgio Medici - 3.845 million

Nguyet Dao - 2.7 million

Phuoc Nguyen - 2.375 million

Young Oh - 2.23 million

Aharon Shimoni - 1.98 million

Day 3 of the $200,000 Guaranteed Event Underway

Giorgio Medici has the chip lead here on the third and final day of the $200,000 Guaranteed Event, holding just under 4 million in chips. Everyone coming back today has already locked up $1,460, but they all are hoping they will be the one who walks home with the first place prize of $73,054.

We will be here today until a winner is decided, so make sure you don't go anywhere!

LOP Event #3 Return List

Cards in the Air: $50,000 Guaranteed Deepstack

It's the busiest day of the Legends of Poker so far, as the first of three events has just kicked off. In addition to those three tournaments, we of course also have the final day of the $200,000 Guaranteed Event, where one player will be walking home with over $70,000!

This event is a $240 buy-in deepstack event, where players will be starting with 20,000 in chips. The prizepool will be at least $50,000, and registration and re-entry will be available until 4 PM today.

At 2 PM, we have our first Mixed Game event of the series, a $235 HORSE Event, and we will be having another Survivor Event at 4 PM, with a buy-in of $365, and a guaranteed pay out of $3,000 to the top 10%.

Don't miss out on all the action today. Come on down and join us!

Giorgio Medici Leads the Final 36

Giorgio Medici- Day 3 Chip Leader

Play is over for the night with 36 players left, and the player in the pole position is Giorgio Medici, who bagged a massive stack of 3.845 million. No one else left appears to have over 3 million as players are bagging. Medici held the lead for the last few levels of the night, thanks to a huge knockout when he held pocket threes on a [3d][5d][Ks][Kd] board. His opponent held [Ad][Kc], and Medici was able to hold on the river.

He has some stiff competition to deal with tomorrow, including Paul Chauderson (1.68 million), Massoud Eskandari (1.52 million), Steve Sung (1.2 million), Hermilo Vargas (1.01 million), and Mark Hamilton (655,000), just to name a few.

The action will be picking back up tomorrow at 1 PM, where we will be playing down to a winner. Be sure to come back here for all of your updates.

Good night everyone!

Fresh Chippies From the Final Four Tables

Blinds: 20,000-40,000 Average Stack: 1.245 million

Giorgio Medici - 4 million
Paul Chauderson - 1.5 million
Massoud Eskandari - 1.15 million
Steve Sung - 1.05 million
Hermilo Vargas - 980,000
Ramzi Srour - 680,000
Mark Hamilton - 680,000

Next Round of Bustouts: 37-45th Places

The following players each won $1,296 tonight.

37. John Dancy
38. Sean Yu
39. William Hosseini
40. Ming Lin
41. Adam Pearlman
42. Victor Crisosotomo
43. Anthony Denove
44. Michael Nia
45. Alex Hua