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Sunday, August 6, 2017

By the Numbers: $240 Evening Flight

This Sunday's evening's starting session drew a total of 268 players. That means that the final three tables of players today will bag up their chips and come back on Wednesday. Of course, they won't be leaving empty handed, as they will take home $400 in cash. Good luck players!

1-27th. $400 + Advance to Day 2

Just 70 Players Left in the Opening Flight

The first flight of the day is down to the final eight tables of players, but only 33 of them will be taking home $400 and a Day 2 ticket. Some of the notables who are still alive and well in this flight are Brian Gorman, Paul Chauderson, Kimya Williams, Boris Goldstein, Khang Nguyen, Doug Smith, and Ben Chung, who has already bagged the chip lead with over 800,000.

Be sure to come back in the morning to find out if any of these players are able to make it to the finals!

A Few Players in the 4 PM Flight

The second flight of the day is in full swing, with over 220 players entered so far. Below you will see a few of those, LA regulars Erich Karle, Hai Le, and Vadim Baranovsky

Erich Karle

Hai Le 

Vadim Baranovksy

What's on Tap: More $500,000 Guaranteed Qualifying

Tomorrow will be the fourth day of qualifying for the biggest tournament of the Legends of Poker so far, the $500,000 Guaranteed Event. Just like today, the flights will be starting at 11:30 AM and 4 PM, with three hours of late registration for both.

If you can't play today, you will have two final chances on Tuesday, the last day of qualifying! Good luck players!

First Break of the Afternoon Flight

The 4 PM flight is currently on it's first break of the day, and so far, 170 players have entered. Registration will be open until 7 PM tonight.

If you can't make it out in time today, your next chance to qualify will be tomorrow at 11:30 AM!

Cards in the Air: The Sunday 4 PM Flight

It's time to kick off another starting session in this huge Legends of Poker Event. The buy-in is $240, and that will get players 20,000 in starting chips. Registration and re-entry will be available for three hours, or until about 7 PM tonight.

If you can't make it for this flight, we have two more days of qualifying coming up tomorrow and Tuesday. You won't want to miss out on this Day 2 final, so come down and join us soon!

By the Numbers: Fifth Flight of Event #11

The fifth of 10 flights in this massive $500,000 Guaranteed Event was the biggest one so far, with a grand total of 325 entries. That means that the top 33 players from this flight will be bagging up and moving on to the finals on Wednesday.

The sixth flight of this event is starting up at 4 PM, so make sure you don't miss it!

1-33rd. $400 + Advance to Day 2

Some of the Notables In The Fifth Flight

Below you will see some of the notables who are here hoping to find a bag on this third day of $500,000 Guaranteed qualifying. Phouc Nguyen and Massoud Eskandari are fresh off of deep runs in the $200,000 Guaranteed Event, while Men Nguyen was one of the players who chopped our opening event this series. They are here, along with a pair of friendly neighbors: Matt Salsberg and Deepinder Singh.

Doug Smith

Massoud Eskandari

Men Nguyen

Deepinder Singh

Matt Salsberg

Phouc Nguyen

Big Numbers Again in This Morning's Flight

Players have been coming out in droves for this $500,000 Guaranteed Event, and we have another great turnout for this morning's flight. At the first break, the clock says 248 entries, and at that rate, it is likely to be the biggest flight of the five so far.

Remember that registration is open until 2:30 PM, but if you can't come out before then, you will have another shot at 4 PM today. Good luck all!

Cards in the Air: Fifth Starting Flight of the $500,000 Guaranteed Event

We are nearing the halfway point of qualifying here in this $500,000 Guaranteed Event, as the fifth of ten starting flights has just kicked off. Players will be starting with 20,000 in chips, and registration will be open until 2:30 PM. The top 10% will be taking home $400 in cash, and will come back for the finals on Wednesday.

If you can't make it out by 2:30, our second starting flight today will be starting up at 4 PM, with registration open until 7 PM. Good luck all!