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Thursday, August 10, 2017

A Heads Up Deal is Made, Young Eum is the Champion!

The two players counted out their chips to look at the numbers, but before the staff could get them, Young Eum and Steve Sung struck a deal. Sung will take home $112,000 even, while Eum will take home the title, along with $124,547.

Congratulations to both players on their six figure scores, and thanks to everyone who made this tournament so huge. Don't forget that the action continues tomorrow with the first three flights of Mega Millions XVII!

Damon Summers Eliminated in 3rd Place ($54,935)

Young Eum limped in on the button, and Damon Summers raised it up. Eum moved all in, and Summers sighed before making the call.

Eum: [Kh][Kd]
Summers: [As][4s]

The flop of [10d][10h][4c] kept Eum out in front, as did the [9d] turn and [3d] river.

The final two players are looking at the numbers for a chop.

Summers Spikes Two Outer to Double

Damon Summers moved all in for 5.5 million, and Young Eum called to put him at risk.

Summers: [2h][2c]
Eum: [5c][5d]

The flop of [Kd][6s][Js] kept Eum in the lead, and the [3d] on the turn drew some gasps from the crowd. That was nothing compared to the [2s] on the river, giving Summers an unlikely double, and extending this three handed battle.

Young Eum - 42 million
Steve Sung - 40 million
Damon Summers - 12 million

Sung Back in the Chip Lead

It's been the Steve Sung vs. Young Eum show for this level, with Damon Summers basically being a spectator at this point. In the latest big clash, Sung fired 3 million on the turn of a board showing [Qh][7s][6h][5h]. Eum called, and the [7c] completed the board.

Sung moved all in, and Eum quickly called, only to see Sung roll over [4d][3h] for a straight. Eum flashed [Ax][Qx] for top pair that was no good, and Sung doubled up to 36.5 million, while Eum dropped to 27.5 million.

Sung Doubles Through Eum

Round and around we go in this three handed battle, as Steve Sung has doubled back through Young Eum. Eum shoved the small blind holding [Qs][Jc], and Sung quickly called with [Ac][9s]. The flop of [As][8d][4c] all but sealed the hand for Sung, and a deuce on the turn did just that.

Sung is up to 21 million after that hand, while Eum is back down to 36 million.

Eum Doubles Into the Chip Lead

Just 30 minutes after being knocked down to ten big blinds, Young Eum has managed to jump back into the chip lead. This hand was on the turn between Steven Sung and Eum when Sung fired out 4.5 million. The board showed [Ac][10c][6s][Ks], and Eum responded by moving all in for 20.5 million.

Sung talked over the hand for a bit while Eum stood up and walked around with a smile on his face. Eventually, Sung made the call with [Ah][8s], and he was behind the [Kh][10d] of Eum. The [2s] completed the board, and Eum took in the massive double up to 48 million, while Sung, who had over half the chips in play after that big double up, is now the severe short stack with 10.5 million.

Eum Doubles Through Sung

On the very next hand, Young Eum would find another double up, this time through Steve Sung. Eum shoved all in for just under 12 million from the small blind, and Sung thought it over for a bit before calling.

Eum: [3h][3d]
Sung: [Ah][5h]

Eum's baby pair would hold up on the [Qs][8d][2d][9h][Kd] runout, much to the delight of Eum and his rail. "Let's go," Eum said repeatedly as he stacked up his new chips. He is up to 25 million, while Sung still holds the lead with 39 million.

Eum Doubles Through Summers

In a battle of the blinds, Damon Summers and Young Eum got the rest of Eum's chips in preflop. Summers held [Ac][Qs], and he was racing against the [Js][Jd] of Eum. The board ran down [10d][7h][8s][7c][Kc], and the jacks held to get Eum on the comeback trail with 12 million.

Sung Doubles Through Eum in Biggest Pot of Tournament

Steve Sung and Young Eum went heads up to a flop of [As][4s][4d]. Sung checked to Eum, who bet 1.25 million. Sung raised it up to 3 million, Sung called, and the [5c] hit the turn. Sung fired 5.5 million, Eum moved all in, and Sung snap called.

Sung: [5d][5h]
Eum: [Ac][Qc]

Sung spiked a two outer on the turn to leave Eum drawing dead to an ace. The [6s] came instead, and Sung doubled up to over 52 million. He now has over half the chips in play, while Eum is left with just 5.8 million as we are about to go up to an 600,000 big blind.

Maxwell Lineberger Eliminated in 4th Place ($41,215)

On the very next hand, Damon Summers raised it up, and Maxwell Lineberger moved all in for 11 million. Summers snap called, and the cards were flipped.

Lineberger: [Ah][9c]
Summers: [As][Kc]

The flop came [Ac][Qh][3d], giving both players top pair, but keeping Summers in the lead. The [8h] on the turn teased Lineberger a bit, as did the [7c] on the river.

The final three took a look at the numbers, but a deal couldn't be reached. Here is how the chips look right now, with the blinds at 250,000-500,000

Young Eum - 36.2 million
Damon Summers - 30.125 million
Steve Sung - 25.750 million

Joe Nalbandyan Eliminated in 5th Place ($32,040)

Steve Sung raised it up to 1.75 million, and Joe Nalbandyan moved all in for about 7 million. Sung got the count, then made the call.

Sung: [As][10h]
Nalbandyan: [10c][9c]

The board ran down [Kh][7d][7c][Qd][6c], and Sung's ace high held up to get us to four handed play.

Jordan Warkol Eliminated in 6th Place ($24,745)

Jordan Warkol, Maxwell Lineberger, and Young Eum all saw a turn of a board showing [10s][9h][5s][3h]. Warkol moved all in for 3.3 million, and Eum was the only caller.

Warkol: [6d][5d]
Eum: [Qh][9s]

Eum's pair was better than Warkol's and the river didn't change that, knocking Warkol out in 6th. On the other side, Eum has increased his chip lead up to 32 million.

Sung Doubles Through Eum

Young Eum limped in on the button, and Steve Sung moved all in for 7.35 million from the big blind. Eum gave it thought for about a minute before making the call.

Eum: [Qc][10c]
Sung: [Ad][8h]

The flop brought plenty of action, coming down [As][9c][6c]. Sung had top pair, but Eum picked up a flush draw. He got extra outs when the [Qh] hit the turn, as another queen or ten would also work now. However, the [2d] completed the board, and Sung doubled up to over 15 million, while Eum takes a hit down to 24.5 million.

Eum Fires Three Streets on Sung Again

Earlier in the final table, Steve Sung made a big all in call on the river against Young Eum to score a huge double up when Eum was bluffing with bottom pair on board. Eum just ran a very similar line, but this time, Sung wasn't able to pull the trigger on the call.

Action started with Eum raising to 850,000 from the cutoff. Sung reraised to 2.5 million in the small blind, Eum called, and the flop came [6h][5h][4d]. Sung check called a bet of 1.5 million, and the [Jh] hit turn. Sung check called another bet of 3.75 million, and the [8c] completed the board.

Sung checked a third time, and Eum stood up to get a better view of Sung's stack. Eventually, be announced all in, having Sung well covered. Sung went into the tank again, talking out the hand while Eum remained motionless. Eventually, Sung folded, saying "I'm pretty sure if I check raise the flop I'm out."

Eum simply cracked a smile as he scooped the massive pot to get up to 29 million, while Sung is one of the short stacks now with 6 million.

What's on Tap: Start of Mega Millions XVII

We are just about to wrap up the biggest event of the Legends of Poker so far, but that title won't be lasting long, as the 17th installment of the Mega Millions is set to kick off tomorrow. This two week long tournament will feature three buy-in levels: $160 where the top 5% will be making the finals, $550 where the top 10% will be advancing, and the Day 2 buy-in of $4,300, where players will be getting a stack of 250,000.

Tomorrow's action will start with a $160 flight at 11:30 AM, before moving up to the $550 buy-in level at 2 PM. At 4 PM, it will go  back to the $160 level. This schedule will be the same on Saturday and Sunday, before switching to just the $160 flights during the week.

Updated Counts From the Final Six

Blinds: 200,000-400,000 Average: 15.6 million

Damon Summers - 23 million
Young Eum - 21.5 million
Steve Sung - 14.5 million
Maxwell Lineberger - 13.5 million
Joe Nalbandyan - 12.5 million
Jordan Warkol - 6.5 million

Vanik Matousian Crippled, Eliminated in 7th Place ($19,420)

After a raise from Vanik Matousian in late position, Maxwell Lineberger moved all in for his final 6.6 million. Matousian called, and the cards were flipped.

Lineberger: [Ah][Qd]
Matousian: [Kc][Jd]

The flop of [Qs][9h][8d] gave Lineberger top pair, but also gave Matousian a straight draw. The [Jh] on the turn gave him a few extra outs, but the [As] completed the board, giving Lineberger the double up to 13.5 million.

Matousian was left with just 1.2 million, and he got those chips in on the next hand holding [10c][4c]. He was on rough shape against the [7s][7h] of Joe Nalbandyan, and the board ran down [Kd][Qs][2h][8d][8s].

This leaves us with six players. A couple players suggested they look at the numbers, but that proposal was shot down, so we carry on.

Tuan Minh Phan Eliminated in 8th Place ($15,230)

Action folded around to Tuan Minh Phan in late position, and he moved all in for his final 3 million. It folded to Young Eum in the big blind, and he quickly called.

Eum: [Ad][Jh]
Phan: [Kd][Jc]

The flop of [Js][7d][5h] hit both players, but kept Eum in front, and the [Ac] on the turn ended proceedings.

Phan is out in 8th place, while Eum is back into the chip lead with over 20 million.

Sung Scores Big Double Through Eum

After a raise from Young Eum on the button, Steve Sung defended his big blind. The flop came down [Ac][Ks][6h], and Sung check called a bet of 600,000 from Eum. The turn was the [10h], and Sung checked again. Eum bet out 2 million, Sung called again, and the river brought the [2c].

Sung checked a third time, and Eum didn't take long to move all in. He had Sung well covered, and Sung went into the tank. He took his shades off, and started talking through the hand. After about three minutes in the tank, he dropped in a chip for the call.

Eum said "nice call," and tabled [6s][4s] for one pair. Sung showed [As][2h] for a rivered two pair, and he scored a huge double up to over 17 million, while Eum tumbles down to 10.8 million, marking the first time he hasn't been chip leader at this final table.

Phan Doubles Through Nalbandyan

On the turn of a board showing [Ks][4s][3d][7h], Joe Nalbandyan checked to Tuan Minh Phan, who moved all in for 3.6 million. It was a over a pot sized bet, and it sent Nalbandyan deep into the tank. The two exchanged in some banter, with Phan telling Nalbandyan he had the best hand right now. After about four minutes in the tank, the clock was called.

Not long after that, Nalbandyan dropped in the call. Phan showed [Kh][8h], and he was out in front of the [9s][7d] held by Nalbandyan. The river was the [Ad], and Phan scored another double up to 9.5 million, while Nalbandyan is down to 14.5 million.

Phan Doubles Through Matousian

Action folded around to Tuan Minh Phan in the small blind, and he moved all in for his final 2.5 million. Vanik Matousian was in the big blind, and after looking at his hand, he made the call.

Phan: [Jc][9c]
Matousian: [Jh][10h]

Matousian was thrilled to see he was in fantastic shape for the knockout, but that quickly changed after the flop came down [9s][6s][2d]. Matousian was looking for a ten now, but it would never come, as the board finished out [Ah] and [6c].

Phan is up to nearly 6 million after that hand, while Matousian is down to 7.5 million.

Ben Chung Eliminated in 9th Place ($11,680)

Ben Chung moved all in for this final 1.5 million and change from early position, and it folded around to Steve Sung in the small blind. He moved all in over the top, and the big blind quickly folded.

Sung: [9h][9s]
Chung: [As][Ks]

Sung wouldn't sweat much during the runout of [6d][5c][4s][2h][10c], as he scored the knockout to jump up to nearly 7 million.

Chung Doubles Through Eum

On the turn of a board showing [Jd][2d][10h][Js], Young Eum checked to Ben Chung, who bet out 550,000. Eum dropped in enough big chips to set Chung all in, and Chung made the call with just ace high.

Chung: [As][Qh]
Eum: [Kh][5d]

Eum could still score a knockout with a king or five, but the river was the [3s]. Chung doubles to 5.5 million, while Eum is still hte chip lead with 21.5 million.

Brad Sholl Eliminated in 10th Place ($8,505)

We only caught the very end of the action, but it appeared that Brad Sholl bluff shoved the river with his short stack on a completed board of [4s][10c][6s][4c][Jh], and it likely would have worked had Damon Summers not picked up top pair on the river holding [Ax][Jx].

Summer scored the knockout, and after doubling up through Young Eum at the start of the final table, he is suddenly a big threat with over nearly 14 million.

Summers Doubles Through Eum

Action folded around to Damon Summers in the small blind, and he moved all in for his final 4.5 million. Chip leader Young Eum called, and they were off to the races.

Eum: [2h][2d]
Summers: [Jh][9h]

Summers shot out to the lead after the flop of [Jc][10d][3h], and Eum wasn't able to spike a miracle deuce. He takes a small hit to his lead, dropping down to 24 million, while Summers is up to nearly 10 million after that double.

Unofficial Final Table Chip Counts and Pictures

After the eliminations of Atanas Filipov in 12th, and Benjamin Nguyen in 11th, we are down to the final table of ten players. Start of day chip leader Young Eum has hit a massive rush, and holds a huge chip lead with 28 million, double that of his nearest competitor. We will be posting every double up, elimination, and massive hand now, so don't go anywhere!

Seat 1: Tuan Minh Phan - 3.5 million

Seat 2: Vanik Matousian - 9.2 million

Seat 3: Brad Sholl - 2.2 million (short stack)

Seat 4: Damon Summers - 4.8 million

Seat 5: Young Eum - 28 million (chip leader)

Seat 6: Maxwell Lineberger - 8.1 million

Seat 7: Steve Sung - 5.6 million

Seat 8: Jordan Warkol - 14 million

Seat 9: Joe Nalbandyan - 8.4 million

Seat 10: Ben Chung - 6.5 million

The Final Table Is Nearly Here

We are down to just 12 players in this $500,000 Guaranteed tournament, meaning with just two more eliminations, the unofficial final table will be set. Until then, here are the latest round of eliminations, with these three all winning $7,165.

13. Arman Sogomonian
14. Joshua Weiss
15. Steve Henning

And these three all took home $6,315.

16. David Tran
17. Brian Gorman
18. Richard Chun

Ben Chung Triples Up in Wild Hand

We just saw a pretty interesting three handed pot that saw Ben Chung score an unorthodox triple up. Here's how it went down.

Vanik Matousian, who had won a massive pot off of Chung earlier to leave him short, made a big raise to 1.2 million preflop. Chung moved all in for not much more, and it folded around to Brad Sholl in the big blind. He tanked for about two minutes before calling, and Matousian emphatically moved all in. There was just one problem though. He wasn't allowed to do that, as Chung's all in raise was for less than the amount of the original raise. As a result, Matousian was forced to just call.

The flop came down [Ad][8h][2d], and Sholl checked to Matousian, who again emphatically moved all in. Sholl immediately raised his hands to the sky and started slamming his chips in front of him. Not long into the tank, Matousian accidentally exposed his cards, reveling [Ah][Kd]. Sholl saw the cards, chuckled, and quickly released [Js][Jc].

Chun rolled over [As][Qs], and was in rough shape against Matousian. The turn brought no help, but the river was the [Qc], giving Chung a roller coaster triple up to over five million, and leaving Matousian with seven million.

Cards in the Air: $75 Facebook Event

The always popular Facebook event has just kicked off in the tournament room. The buy-in is just $75, and all players will have an optional $50 add-on. You can also get 2,000 in bonus chips for just liking the Bicycle Casin facebook page.

Registration will be open until 7 PM today. Good luck players!

Final Two Table Seating Draw and Counts

Table 1 

1. Atanas Filipov - 4.8 million
2. Joe Nalbandyan - 12.3 million (chip leader)
3. David Tran - 2.1 million
4. Maxwell Lineberger - 2.7 million
5. Jordan Warkol  - 9.5 million
6. Arman Sogomonian - 8.5 million
7. Young Eum - 8.2 million
8. Joshua Weiss  - 1.9 million
9. Steve Henning - 2.5 million

Table 2

1. Brian Gorman - 1.5 million (short stack)
2. Richard Chun - 2.1 million
3. Tuan Minh Phan - 1.9 million
4. Steve Sung - 8.8 million
5. Brad Sholl - 4.2 million
6. Damon Summers - 4.2 million
7. Vanik Matousian - 4.1 million
8. Ben Chung - 4.1 million
9. Benjamin Nguyen - 5.2 million

Next Round of Day 3 Bustouts: 19-27th Places

We are at the point in the tournament where there is a pay jump for every three eliminations. Players are currently on break. When they return, we will grab a full seating chart, with updated counts for everyone.

These players all won $5,575 today.

19. Phuoc Nguyen
20. Jason Kim
21. Antonios Roungeris

These three all won $4,835 for their efforts.

22. Alen Keshishian
23. Patrick Chan
24. Sam Lim

And lastly, these three all won $4,130 today.

25. Erik Velie
26. Barry Wallace
27. Oscar Zavala

Notable Counts From the Final Three Tables

The final 27 players just completed a full three table redraw, and the cards are in the air again. Once we are down to the final two tables, we will post a full seating chart with updated counts for everyone. Until then, here is how some of the notables still in the field are faring.

Young Eum - 9.2 million
Ben Chung - 5.3 million
Jordan Warkol - 5 million
Erik Velie - 4.1 million
Steve Sung - 3.2 million
Phuoc Nguyen - 2.6 million
Benjamin Nguyen - 2.6 million
Patrick Chan - 1.8 million
Maxwell Lineberger - 1.7 million

First Bustouts of the Day: 28-36th Places

The following players each took home $3,425 for their efforts today. We will post up a fresh round of notable counts shortly.

28. Fernando Galvan
29. Edgar Garcia
30. Ryan Luong
31. Massoud Eskandari
32. Joon Park
33. Jered Wood
34. Victor Davalos Ibarra
35. Nancy Nguyen
36. Garry Hoang

Overlay Alert in the $50,000 Guaranteed Deepstack

With just under an hour left in registration, we have 124 players in this $50,000 Guaranteed Event, meaning we need another 76 players to reach the guarantee. The buy-in today is just $300, and at the moment, the Bike is pitching in nearly $20,000 to reach that guarantee, so if you like free money, hurry on down and join us for this event!

The Top Stacks to Start the Day

Young Eum - 7,390,000

Joe Nalbandyan - 5,345,000

Ben Chung - 4,980,000

Tuan Phan - 4,585,000

Jordan Warkol - 4,580,000

Cards in the Air: $500,000 Guaranteed Day 3 Restart

The third and final day of the biggest event of the Legend of Poker so far has just started up here in the tournament area. Young Eum leads the way, but he has plenty of tough competition behind him, including Ben Chung, Steve Sung, Erik Velie, Brian Gorman, Massoud Eskandari, and Maxwell Lineberger, just to name a few.

In just a few hours, one of these 36 players will be taking home over $150,000, and we will be here until a winner is decided, so stay tuned!

LOP Event #11 Return List

Final Results for LOP Event #13

Final Results for LOP Event #12

Cards in the Air: $50,000 Guaranteed Deepstack

Another day of poker action is underway at the 2017 Legends of Poker! Today's opening event is a $300 Deepstack, where players will be starting with 20,000 in chips. The guarantee on this tournament is $50,000, and registration will be open until 2:30 PM.

Good luck everyone!

Young Eum Leads the Final 36, Massoud Eskandari In Contention Again

Young Eum - Chip Leader

Play was cut short by 20 minutes as we got down to the final 36 players. Leading the way is Young Eum, who bagged up a massive stack of 7,390,000. He leads the field by over two million, as second place belongs to Joe Nalbandian, who has 5,345,000.

Ben Chung started the day as the chip leader, and rode that big stack throughout the day, as he will be taking 4,980,000 into play tomorrow. Also still in contention with an above average stack to no one's surprise is Massoud Eskandari. He is looking for another major final table, after finishing 7th in the $200,000 Guaranteed just last week. He will be bringing in an above average stack of 2,960,000 tomorrow.

Also still alive for this first place prize of over $150,000 are Steve Sung (4,480,000), Erik Velie (3,665,000), Brian Gorman (3,065,000), Maxwell Lineberger (1,600,000), and Patrick Chan (1,040,000), just to name a few.

The action will be starting up again at 1 PM tomorrow, when we will play down to a winner. We will be here until the end providing all of the updates, so be sure to come back then!

Joe Nalbandian- 5,345,000

Ben Chung - 4,980,000

Massoud Eskandari - 2,960,000

Fresh Counts From the Final Five Tables

Blinds: 30,000-60,000 Average: 2.09 million

Ben Chung - 5.1 million
Massoud Eskandari - 3.9 million
Erik Velie - 3.3 million
Steve Sung - 2.8 million
Brian Gorman - 1.3 million
Christopher Doan - 1.2 million
Maxwell Lineberger - 1.2 million
Patrick Chan - 1.15 million
Mark Hamilton - 700,000

First Round of Bustouts: 46-54th Places

Below you will see the first round of bustouts for the end of this Day 2 finals. All of these players took home $2,210 tonight.

46. Rubin Chappell
47. Men Nguyen
48. Adam Geyer
49. Behrooz Shishegar
50. Brian Mancilla
51. Thomas Woodward
52. Michael Katz
53. Minh Nguyen
54. Dustin Bush

Updated Notable Counts With 54 Left

Blinds: 30,000-60,000 Average: 1.766 million

Ben Chung - 4.8 million
Erik Velie - 3.2 million
Christopher Doan - 1.9 million
Massoud Eskandari - 1.75 million
Maxwell Lineberger - 1.6 million
Patrick Chan - 1.4 million
Rubin Chappell - 1.2 million
Steve Sung - 1.2 million
Men Nguyen - 1 million
Adam Geyer - 980,000
Brian Gorman - 980,000
Mark Hamilton - 850,000
Michael Katz - 500,000