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Saturday, August 12, 2017

By the Numbers: Final Flight of the Day

The third and final starting session of the day drew a total of 195 entries. That means that ten more Day 2 seats will be handed out today, while players 11th-20th will be taking some extra cash with them.

The next starting session in this event will be tomorrow at 11:30 AM. Good luck everyone!

1-10. $1,000 + Advance to Day 2
11-15. $400
16-20. $300

First Flight in the Money

It only took a few hands of hand-for-hand play, and one bad suckout, to get us into the money. A short stack got his final few chips in preflop holding pocket kings, and was in great shape against his opponent's [Ad][3d]. The flop of [10s][9d][8c] looked just fine for the kings, but runner runner diamonds sent him to the rail, and the rest of the field into the money.

Among the final 23 today are Rubin Chappell, Michael Rocco, Elmo Imperial, and Doug Smith. This field will play down to 11 players tonight before players will finish up for the evening.

By the Numbers: Afternoon $550 Flight

Today's $550 starting session drew a total of 120 players, meaning that the top 12 from that flight will be advancing to the Day 2 finals, and taking home $1,000. If you would like to play in one of these higher buy-in flights, tomorrow afternoon will be your final chance until next weekend.

1-12th. $1,000 + Advance to Day 2

Some Photos From the 4 PM Session

Our round of 4 PM photos includes two players who know what it is like to make the final table of this every event. Boris Goldstein is a former champion who won the 13th installment of this event, while Larry Serebryany final tabled the last Mega Millions in April, taking home over $82,000 for his fourth place finish.

Rupesh Pattni

Dylan Nguyen

Larry Serebryany

Boris Goldstein

First Break in the 4 PM Session

The 132 players who have already registered for the 4 PM session are coming back from their first break of the day now. They will play three more levels, and then take another break, before registration and re-entry are closed.

If you can't come out before 7 PM today, we have three more starting flights tomorrow, with the first one starting up at 11:30 AM!

By the Numbers: First Flight of the Day

We had a big turnout for this morning $160 starting session, as 229 players came out to play. That means that the top 23 players will be finishing in the money, with the final 11 collecting $1,000 and a Day 2 finals ticket.

The second $160 flight of the day has just started up, so you still have plenty of time to come down and play if you would like to try and claim a Day 2 ticket today!

1-11th. $1,000 + Advance to Day 2
12-17th. $400
18-23rd. $300

Cards in the Air: 4 PM Saturday Session

It's time to go back to the $160 buy-in here in the Mega Millions, as the 4 PM session has just started up here in the tournament room. Registration will be open until 7 PM today, and while the top 10% will be cashing, only the final 5% will be taking a grand home, and taking a Day 2 finals ticket with them.

If you can't make it out for this session, there are three more flights tomorrow starting up at 11:30 AM.

Some Player Snapshots in the $550 Session

Now it's time for some player photos from today's $550 session. Ben Chung just finished in 9th place in the $500,000 Guaranteed Event, and he has his eyes on another final table in this event. We also spotted Danny Nguyen, Gladys Landegger, Ross Tesser, and Lawrence Ma.

Lawrence Ma 

Ben Chung

Danny Nguyen

Ross Tesser

Gladys Landegger

First Break of the $550 Session

Players in our afternoon $550 session are taking their first break of the day. So far, over 80 players have registered, meaning we should easily pass the 96 player total from yesterday's first $550 flight.

Remember that for these flights, the top 10% will be cashing for $1,000 and earning a Day 2 ticket to the finals.

Some Player Photos From the Opening Flight

Below you will see a few of the players who are taking part in the opening flight of the day. Former Mega Millions champion Sarkis Keshishian is in the house today hoping to make another final table in this event. We also spotted Vanik Matousian, who just finished in 7th place in the $500,000 Guaranteed Event, earning just under $20,000. Scroll down for those photos, and a few more.

Rubin Chappell

Michael Rocco

Elmo Imperial

Sarkis Keshishian

Vanik Matousian

Cards in the Air: Second $550 Starting Session

It's time to up the buy-in here at the Bicycle Casino, as our second $550 session has just kicked off. Yesterday's $550 flight got just under 100 players, and sent the top 10 on to the Day 2 finals. Registration for this flight will be open today until 5 PM.

Don't forget that if you are able to double qualify, you will be given a $3,600 cash bonus, so even if you have already qualified, you won't want to miss out on this session!

Second Day of Mega Millions Qualifying Underway

Welcome back to the Bicycle Casino! It's time to kick off another day of qualifying in this installment of the Mega Millions. Yesterday saw 25 players move on to the Day 2 finals, and a fresh batch of players will be coming in today. The first of three starting flights today has just kicked off. This flight has a buy-in of $160, with registration open until 2:30 PM.

If you want to play a higher buy-in flight, the $550 session, where the top 10% will be cashing for $1,000 and moving on to the finals, will be starting up at 2 PM today.