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Monday, August 21, 2017

By the Numbers: Final Flight of Mega Millions XVII

We went 3 for 3 on getting more than 300 entries in each flight on this Monday, as a total of 323 entries registered for the final 4 PM flight. The top 32 players will finish in the money, with the final 16 moving on to the finals tomorrow.

Remember that it's not too late to get in on the action in tomorrow's finals. You can buy-in directly for $4,300 anytime before the start of the third level tomorrow, so be sure to come join us, as the prizepool could get up to nearly $2 million!

1-16th. $1,000 + Advance to Day 2
17-24th. $400
25-32nd. $300

The Bubble has Burst in the Opening Flight

After about 30 minutes of hand-for-hand play, the money has been reached in the opening flight of the day. Among the players who are still alive in the final 31 from this flight are Joel Kop, Lily Kiletto, Harry Arutyunyan, Prince Cassell, Paul Liu, and Anonymous.

Now that they are in the money, the remaining players now have their eyes set on the final 15 spots.

What's on Tap: Day 2 of Mega Millions XVII

Tomorrow is the day that everyone who has played in this Mega Millions over the last two weeks has been waiting for. It will be the Day 2 finals, where over 300 qualifiers will be joined by the Day 2 buy-in players to make the final field. The action starts up at 4 PM, and registration will be available until the first break (~5:40 PM).

In addition to the Day 2 finals, we also have a $550 Pot Limit Mixed Event, where players will be alternating playing Omaha High, Big "O", and Triple Draw Badugi. The prizepool will be at least $30,000, and multiple $500 rebuys are allowed.

It will be a huge day here at the Bike, so make sure you join us!

Numbers Update in the Final Mega Millions Session

The third and final session of the day has draw a crowd of 161 players so far, as they are taking their first break. This final day of Mega Millions qualifying has bee so huge that some tables are having to be played in the cash game area, as both sessions so far today have gotten over 300 players each.

Registration for this final Day 1 session is open tonight until 7 PM. Good luck everyone!

By the Numbers: Final $550 Session

We had another massive turnout for our final $550 session in this event, as a whopping 317 players entered. That means that 32 more Day 2 tickets will be handed out today from this session. It also means that the prizepool is now over $1.5 million, and will only grow, as we still have our final 4 PM session, and the Day 2 buy-ins tomorrow!

1-32nd. $1,000 + Advance to Day 2

More Information on Tomorrow's Mega Millions Day 2 Buy-in

Tomorrow is the most highly anticipated day of the Legends of Poker so far, and one of the biggest of the whole year here at the Bicycle Casino! At 4 PM, Day 2 of the Mega Millions will be kicking off, and even if you don't qualify in one of our Day 1 sessions, you can still get in on the action, thanks to the Day 2 buy-in!

For $4,300, players will be given an average chip stack of 250,000, with the blinds starting at just 2,000-4,000. The blinds will be 45 minutes long on Day 2, and they will go up to 60 minutes on Day 3. You can view a full structure sheet here.

This is the 17th time running the Mega Millions here the Bicycle Casino, and we are doing something special for our Day 2 buy-ins.  The player who is able to last the longest will be awarded a free $4,300 seat to the next Mega Millions Day 2 buy-in!

It will be an action packed day, so be sure you don't miss out on it.

Some Player Snapshots from the $550 Session

Now it's time to take a look at who is here today for the $550 afternoon session. Young Eum is here hoping to recreate some of the magic he found recently when he took down the $500,000 Guaranteed Event for nearly $125,000. We also spotted a former winner if this event, Duey Duong, and a few other familiar faces here at the Bicycle Casino. 

Scroll down for those photos as the final day of qualifying rolls on here at the Mega Millions!

Young Eum

Adam Volen

Duey Duong

Phong "Turbo" Nguyen

"Miami" John Cernuto

Hermilo Vargas

Cards in the Air: Final Mega Millions XVII Session

It's time to kick off the final starting session of this Mega Millions tournament. The line is out the door by the cage, as players file in hoping to get one of the last remaining Day 2 tickets in this massive event. The buy-in today is just $160, and registration will be open until 7 PM today. 

Don't forget that even if you aren't able to make it through one of our Day 1 sessions, you can still buy-in tomorrow at the start of play for $4,300! 

Some of the Players Still in the Opening Flight

We are over four hours into the opening flight of the day, and we are already down to the final 100 from the starting field of 305 players. Below you will see a few of those players still in, including former Mega Millions finalist Joel Kop, and Jay Kaneshiro, who is fresh off a 27th place finish in the $100,000 Guaranteed Event that started the series. 

Prince Cassell

Joel Kop

Dan Heimiller

Jay Kaneshiro

Another Big Turnout in the $550 Session

Yesterday saw 230 players come out for the afternoon $550 starting session, and it looks like this final one is going to surpass that, as we already have over 200 players entered as we come back from the first break. Registration for this flight will stay open until 5 PM, and at the rate we are going at, the session could pass 300 total entries!

By the Numbers: Opening 11:30 AM Session

The first starting session on this final day of Mega Millions qualifying drew a huge crowd of 305 entries. The final 31 players tonight will finish in the money, with the final 15 moving on to the finals tomorrow to compete for the first place prize of over $250,000!

1-15th. $1,000 + Advance to Day 2
16-23rd. $400
24-31st. $300

Final $550 Session Underway

There are only two more flights left in this massive Mega Millions event, and the first of those two has just kicked off in the tournament room. The buy-in for this one is $550, and the top 10% will be cashing for $1,000, and moving on to the finals tomorrow.

Registration and re-entry will be available until 5 PM for this flight. The final qualifying session will be starting up at 4 PM today. Good luck everyone!

Final Day of Mega Millions Qualifying Underway

The title says it all here! Today is your last chance to qualify for tomorrow's massive Mega Millions finals. The first of the final three starting sessions has just started up here at the Bike! The buy-in for this one is just $160, with players also having an optional $100 add-on.

The second flight of the day, the $550 session, starts at 2 PM, while the final session of the tournament will be starting up at 4 PM. Come join us!